Magazine "The color of Moscow." See you in November!
 Interview - Anna Sedokova: "The strength of the precious stones in their identity, rather than price."

I am pleased to present you the November issue of the monthly glossy magazine about precious stones, gems "The color of Moscow." This month you expect with new topics and fresh materials are our regular columns:

Event of the Year.   The long-awaited opening of the Museum of stone-cutting and jewelry at the Exhibition Centre. Special guest - Vitaly Gibert.

Interview of November.   Anna Sedokova: "Life is full of wonders, only need to be able to identify these miracles."

Fashion & Style.   Hades. The world at your feet.

History in stone.   Agate Rooms Empress.

Scandalous and famous.   Guiding Star Anna Herman.

Therapy of the soul and the heart.   Fluorite. My favorite toy is a god.

Lithotherapy.   Turquoise and water. Aqua and mineral.

Health and beauty.   Jade diet. Minus 12 kg per month. The five most active fat burners.

Stone of the month.   Garnet. Grain love and mascot.

Bufet. George Costakis Dionisovich. The collection of avant-garde.

Collector corner.   Rare stones. Anhydrite - anhydrous mystery of the Earth.

Astrology.   2014 - year of the Horse. What to give, what to meet someone to love? Christmas candles with a precious surprise.

Geo-excursion.   Where are born sun tears.

Questions From Readers.   Guessing semi-precious stones: the secrets of becoming a reality.

And also: useful express advice of Feng Shui: how to arrange the figures at home and work, prayer beads - make life a clear and correct, beautiful things with their hands: a symbol 2014 - horse - brelochek or pendant page ads horoscope for November by Veronica Rivva.

 Magazine "The color of Moscow." See you in November!

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 Magazine "The color of Moscow." See you in November!