Not Born Beautiful! So what's the secret of Cleopatra?
 It is impossible before the eternal beauty
Do not sing, do not praise, not to pray
(A. Fet)

How often intently studying his appearance in the mirror, with a slight sadness we think, "Now, if I was a little shorter than the nose and eyes bigger, and the cut would not hurt to correct, but the mouth can be done and replenish .. . That's when the success, love and attention of fans not pass me by. " And now it seems that the way to happiness and success is only through plastic surgery.

But is it? Let us recall the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, that's really who could not complain about the lack of attention - at her feet threw the whole kingdom, because it collapsed empire .  And, in fact, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, and some surviving authentic portraits, she was not a beauty .  If it is not perfect appearance (long hooked nose and pointed chin protruding, several gruznovataya low figure), her fame skilful and seductive courtesans gave rise to the legend .  There was even talk that some were willing to pay with his life for one night of love .  The actual features of this amazing woman lost in the mists of time, but that it was a remarkable person, there is no doubt .  Smart, fearless, resourceful, she set a goal and achieved it in politics, and in love .  Last representative of the Ptolemaic said a melodious voice had many languages ​​and the art of being beautiful . 

Well, whether she was a beautiful woman ...? What is beyond doubt is the fact that its beauty and charm she created herself, cleverly using the art of makeup and personal care .  She bathed in donkey milk, softened honey slaves rubbed into her skin balm, which contains extracts from the seeds of teak and acacia, smooths wrinkles and covered their gruel made with fresh peaches, a special stick eyeliner .  Powdered faces, imposing shadows under his eyes, the use of spices, lipsticks, hair coloring - it was not alien to the ancient, but eye makeup was perhaps the most characteristic of the Egyptian style .  If you look at the portraits of ancient Egyptians (and men too), first attracted the attention of the eyes - huge, almond-shaped, carefully and beautifully marked and tinted .  Eye makeup was obligatory daily procedure .  Cosmetics for the eyes and has a decorative ornament, and was used as a protective agent, she was given a magical value .  Galena (lead sulphide) - paint, which the Egyptians used to stroke the eye - has disinfectant properties, and even protects against mosquitoes and the intense sun .  Well, and, moreover, it was an eye contouring personal protective amulet, applied directly to the skin - such charm could be lost or stolen . 

To wash your hair instead of our usual shampoo Cleopatra used the following tools: two or three egg yolks, mix with water and whisk. The result is a foam, which the queen of soap hair. A rinse applied decoction of the leaves are picked nettles, hops, and burdock root in equal proportions. Also, once a week the Egyptian queen did baths for hands of milk.

 Not Born Beautiful! So what's the secret of Cleopatra?
 Egyptian women possessed the secrets of unusual beauty recipes that secret passed down from mother to daughter. Cosmetic recipes Cleopatra and still are popular, especially since she did not have secrets and even wrote something like cosmetic handbook "On medicines face." Unfortunately, it does not come to work today, but some recipes are preserved (preparation of powders, creams, whitewash, blush, lipstick), used and recommended by physicians and in more recent times.

  Cleopatra Cream

  Aloe tenderloin chop, mix with rose water, and add a little honey. Put the mixture in a water bath, add a little fresh pork lard and heat, without boiling. This cream should be applied once a day to cleansed face and neck, driving his fingertips.

Mask of Cleopatra

White clay, sour cream, lemon juice and honey, mix in equal proportions (one teaspoon). Put the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm, then cold water. This mask not only makes the skin soft and supple, but also cleans and whitens it.

Cleansing the body

It turns out that even in those days Cleopatra applied cleaning procedures that are almost indistinguishable from modern, in particular, the drink of lemon juice, water and olive oil, which should be drunk in small sips on an empty stomach. Then it is recommended to exercise at 15-20 retraction of the abdomen, this internal massage of the gastrointestinal tract is very good for the internal organs.

Cleopatra bath

  Fill the bath heated to 37-38 degrees milk (ideally wild asses) and immerse yourself in it completely by 10-15 centimeters in the bath should be massage to knead the skin and wool. For a more complete anti-aging effect before taking a bath is recommended to take 350 grams of salt and mix with half a glass of cream. Rub this mixture of the body from the toes, then rinse under the shower. And now you can in the bath!

  If whole milk bath - it's too much, we can restrict and cheaper option: to heat a liter of milk, mixed with honey (150-200 g), add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of almond oil. Pour the mixture into the prepared warm bath - bathe and health. The procedure lasts 20 minutes.

So, to look attractive and have a lot of fans do not have to be a beauty of nature. The main thing - to set goals and believe in their abilities, and of working on a ... In fact, the success of beauty - is not important, more important than the ability to apply themselves, confidence in her irresistible!
Author: Olga Travleeva