Secrets of the New Year wishes from the performance of Oleg Roy
 New Year - is not just a happy holiday, it is the starting point of a new life, which many people start it in January. How to change - to get rid of old problems, painful doubts, become more confident and happier? Need a little - a tube of hair dye, a new outfit, and the belief that everything will turn out. To learn how to start a new life, read the exclusive interview with Oleg Roy portal beauty myCharm. And, of course, try to "re-write" anything you are not satisfied with a clean slate!

- Hello, Oleg! Your new novel "Three colors" - this is the dream of many women, hair coloring. Most of the ladies honestly believe that if you change the color of hair, and the whole life will change. What, do you think that this conviction is related?

- Personally, I believe that these changes - is not a myth. When we change the appearance, involuntarily and internally adjusts to the new image, we try to meet him. No wonder psychotherapists in many troubled situations, advise their customers a simple way - to change something in their appearance. At least her hair or dress style. And such a change, it seems to me, it is very useful. Lost sense of routine, habitual and hopeless swamps, there is hope, and behind her comes and joy.

- Please tell me whether you believe that any woman can change without any colors, but only an effort of will? Or a woman - really the weaker sex, and it as a confirmation of the new "I" definitely need an external "reinforcement" (a new hairstyle, new hair color)?

- Of course, a woman - the weaker sex. But this only means that they are even more than men, you need attention, care, tenderness, tact. Women are more sensitive, impressionable, vulnerable ... but not more primitive. Rather, quite the contrary. This is a man - a device powered by a pair of keys and a single lever. Women are arranged much more difficult. Appearance and inner spirit in it are interrelated, and changing the image - this is almost always at the same time a cause and a consequence of internal changes.

- Alas, the reality of office life is that to succeed you need to be a bitch. So it is with your heroine Larissa. As soon as she learned to fight back his boss, so just go up the career ladder. How, in your opinion, can a modern woman to make a career in another way - not stepping on the "head"?

- Of course it can. The main thing is to see clearly the difference between a "walk over" and "fight back." The ability to stand up for themselves have never hurt nobody. And being a bitch is not necessary, contrary to popular belief is not all men like bitches.

 Secrets of the New Year wishes from the performance of Oleg Roy

- In general, work in the office, in the team - a great challenge, especially for sensitive people, the inner harmony which is easily disturbed pair caustic remarks colleagues. What do you advise them - to go into freelancing or study survival in difficult conditions, "tempering steel" within yourself?

- I think that there can be no single, universal advice. What for one person will be the best way, the other will only create more problems. Again, the ideal situation does not happen in any of them has its pluses and minuses. And all we can do - is to learn to soberly assess them, weigh and draw conclusions. When honestly admit to yourself that for you is more significant - for example, working in the company for such a position and such a salary or relations in the team - then take the right decision has been a lot easier.

- In your new novel, ladies chasing unworthy of male subjects and ignore the true, loyal and honorable men. Why is this happening? Are women so often do not see the inner beauty and, like moths flock only unfeeling handsome?

- I think falling in love "is not the man" - this is a children's disease, something like measles or chickenpox. Anyway, go through this almost everything. But it is better to have had in his youth, to then develop immunity forever.

- Oleg, "Three colors" - a great gift for the New Year to every woman who wanted to be with chimes "a new start" and believe in themselves. What more could you wish our readers in the coming year?

- To love and be loved. Enjoy every minute of your life on this earth. And getting out of life as much fun. For example, reading new books Oleg Roy.

 Secrets of the New Year wishes from the performance of Oleg Roy

Author: Marina Tumovskaya