Wedding 20 persons: the price issue
 So, your dream has come true. You marry a loved one. And we decided to celebrate this event in a circle of close friends. But the wedding chamber - no means modest. How to make it memorable? Where to start training?

The first and most uncreative step that needs to be done - to decide on the budget. As a rule, even the lowest estimate of 20 wedding guests is 150-200 thousand. Rubles. Well, if that amount is available. If not - apply for a loan, for example, Citibank . On the bank's website, you can pre-calculate the possible amount of the loan, the interest on it, and repayment period. Credit, in any case will be for you a good financial safety net.

One of the most enjoyable pre-wedding hassle for the bride - the choice of dress. You can put an order to buy or rent. However, white fishnet fabric is not able to withstand repeated dry cleaning, so rent is half the cost of the dress. Buying the same modest wedding dress will cost about 15-20 thousand. Rubles.

The second most important point - the choice of restaurant for the wedding feast. It will be the biggest item of your spending - not less than 100 thousand. Rub. In the warm season, the best option would be a restaurant in the nature, with access to the water - it will give your wedding a very special charm. When choosing a restaurant, it turns out in advance: whether it is possible to bring their own alcohol, decorate the room?

Transporting guests to the restaurant you can also take on. The most elegant and at the same time the best solution would be a 22-seater limousine, which will fit your whole company. Time limousine service will depend on the interval between the registry office and a restaurant. As a rule, it is not less than 4 hours (16 thous. Rubles). During this time, you have time to ride around the city and take pictures in an iconic place for you with your guests.

Incidentally, the photo and video need to be concerned in advance. Shooting will cost at least 10 thousand., Video shooting - 20 thousand. Rubles.

And finally, do not forget to order a wedding cake (5-7 thous. Rubles) and music (15 thous.). But toastmaster for this number of guests is not mandatory. After all, the charm of a feast for the family lies in the fact that you will always be able to entertain themselves.