Julia Roberts. Return of Beauty
 Known for his mega-super-dazzling smile, Hollywood star Julia Roberts finally went back to the screen. And as an actress and as the new face of cosmetics brand Lancome. In their 42 she looks amazing, has three children and a wonderful career.

I wish that we all looked stunning in 42. But to achieve this, you need to know a few secrets that will help make you a luxury at any age. Actress willing to share how she manages to look great.

• Firstly, it believes that the foundation of beauty - Happiness . After all, our emotions and feelings in one way or another affects the face. Therefore, the happier we feel, the more we look. The secret of happiness for everyone the main thing - not to go head first into the problems and affairs and to leave time for yourself, friends and loved ones. Notice how beautiful the world around us rejoice that we have to strive for more.

• Second, it has as many women have their beauty secrets.

- Thus, it is always protect your skin from ultraviolet By applying protective equipment. In addition, the older you get, the greater the role played by the cream to the skin around the eyes. It is understandable. So that the star does not neglect this cosmetic product.

- Another secret star is regular skin hydration   not only in the face, but the neck. Julia Roberts is trying to give preference to light in texture means.

- To create a distinctive look, the actress recommends tighten up the eyelashes and eyebrows look after . Neat eyebrows can change you for the better.

- There she and her cunning relatively hairstyles. To chic hairstyle looked after visiting the stylist need refuse shampooing at least 3-5 days And preferably for a week. Then hairstyle will look luxuriously much longer.

- Another not unimportant factor in maintaining the beauty of the actress says healthy lifestyle . She is a fan of Dr. Perricone diet, which is also known as the "Diet for a person." The basis of the diet - salmon, it was his regular use makes skin supple and beautiful. There it is necessary to 3 times a day. Form or cooked, or canned in its own juice. Generally, the actress loves a variety of seafood, so obviously loves this diet.

- In addition to the diet to maintain sovey shape, Julia Roberts trains regularly. The basis of its activities include: yoga, pilates, jogging and weight training . She says that the more you train, the better you look.

 Julia Roberts. Return of Beauty

The actress is yet another proof that beauty - is not only a gift, but the hard work is over .
Author: Vera Karabutova