Kuzminki ... or the use of hen
 There have always been a girl's and women's gatherings, providing a very real psychological support and not only. They had a variety of names. Now friends often gather on the kind of bachelorette party - a party to arrange a small, all-female festival.

Not in the sense of the old wedding ceremony in which the bride bids farewell to unmarried girl's life, but in terms of a break from everyday life, to communicate with each other, share secrets, to receive useful advice, support. All this, of course, is only possible if reliable friend, proven over the years and circumstances.

In the old days this festival was celebrated July 14 . It was called "Kuzminki". On that day we went to visit. Women coming together, they put on the table vegetable food, drinking beer. And the saying was appropriate - "Nuisance deal with idleness, spending time with joy ..."

 Kuzminki ... or the use of hen

The benefits of a bachelorette party, socializing with friends, psychologists argue, and even fashion designers and stylists. Thanks to the tireless investigations of scientists, we almost all know that women, unlike men strongly developed those parts of the brain that are responsible for the emotional perception of the world. It is believed that women are more susceptible to changes of mood, their emotions and feelings brighter and richer, and that even have an orgasm occurs brighter than men.

But at the same time, most women suffer from the brain and heart pain as well as depression. Often women are treated over the years from various diseases, and only got to know their stuff the doctor, they find out that the cause of their ailments lies in the psyche. That is, they require treatment by a therapist, not a tablet.

And if they had a couple of good friends and the opportunity to spend at least 2-3 nights per month in their society, to be treated, most likely, would not have to. After all, a bad mood - it's not just sore, and wilting, premature aging, loss of beauty.

According to many psychologists, emotional distress would not upset the internal organs, if the woman is an outlet in the form of a friend companion, listener, compassionate loved one. Most women just need to share with like-minded personality problems with the children, her husband, her in-laws, parents, colleagues. Thus the woman is released from the accumulated negative emotions, destroying her health, and remains mentally stable, maintains vitality and youth.

 Kuzminki ... or the use of hen

For example, not so long ago, Daily Telegraph reported that scientists at the University of Michigan, USA, under the guidance of Professor Stephanie Brown, a number of studies have found that regular communication with friends makes a woman more healthy and happy. This is due to the fact that such dialogue enhances levels of progesterone, a hormone produced by the ovaries and reduces stress, apathy and fear. In addition, high levels of progesterone makes a woman more careful, her growing desire to assist, to show attention, that is manifested useful qualities for the whole family. If you would know the husbands and in-laws, then, perhaps, themselves have organized for women hen parties.

Moreover, if a woman is lucky to have a friend, and she thought it was a model, you can learn from it useful habits, to learn something new for yourself.

It was with a friend to share the most intimate and discuss issues that do not discuss with your loved one, and even with my mother. Such communication can help people lose weight, learn how to properly eat, to take care of themselves. A friend can be a kind of mirror, through her friend she can not only know yourself, but also to get some advice, what kind of clothes to choose how to best make-up.

In addition, the girlfriend insists on a visit to the doctor if you notice even the slightest health problem, and the office will send a beautician. That, you see, does not, with rare exceptions, husband or lover. Besides her husband and the family still need from time to time, if only for an hour or two to rest, so as not to cause a persistent addiction and not bother each other.

 Kuzminki ... or the use of hen

Women - being, perhaps, even more social than men, and most of them are comfortable and well-being, and long flowering is a need to communicate with women - close friends.

Our ancestors knew about this at a time when none of the therapist, nor of analysts even assume no one could. But there were a girl's and women's gatherings, which are very well cope with the task.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva