Long distance relationship
 Some would say that this is not easy, but I can tell you that it can be still easier than it seems at first glance. My husband is a contract and is a thousand kilometers away. Vacation times a year. We communicate every day through mobile communications and the Internet. And, you know, it is very save. Of course, the phone is very difficult to perform marital duties, but nothing is impossible.

Immediately after the wedding, the husband told me that he was not quite satisfied with my some sexual restraint. But then I was not yet ready to make a breakthrough in the intimate life, but for the year of separation, we are often discussing the matter, the theory went, and on his arrival home and practice. Both were satisfied. The man quickly gets used to everything, and we have learned to live together in the distance. For lack of a better use what we have. Our relations have a school of "survival" and now almost nothing is scary.

Let me give you a few secrets of our relationships:

- First of all, in any relationship at a distance the most important - is the ratio of the partner. Passion lives two - three months, and then there is only love and respect. Moreover, the love of many lives is not as long as I dreamed. Very often, the boat crashing against the shore love life. What is needed to ensure that this did not happen? Need fairway understanding and restraint. We are guided by the rule to love one another as if tomorrow one of us is gone.

- Secondly, the great desire to understand each other.   On the phone will not talk a lot, and will not say anything. Agree, there are things that do not tell without seeing the eyes, facial expressions and lively response to the said person who occupies half of your heart and played almost the main role in your life - your boyfriend or husband. In any case, mutual understanding of - one of the basic components of a close relationship.

- Third, learn to forgive . In common life, when partners in direct contact, learn to forgive more easily than when you are a long time in the distance. Tactile sensations closer together, blurring the lines misunderstood. On the phone a lot remains unsaid, which are accumulated by mutual insults and accusations, followed by those spats and quarrels. But when this happens to us, we just finish our conversation. And first of all to understand what has been said and heard, to understand whether or not all as bad as it was represented in the conversation. The same happens when we directly next to each other. Reassured, you realize that there is no perfect relationship without quarrels and disagreements. But do not make them the focus, if you really love the person.

 Long distance relationship

- Fourth, in the distance talking to each other as much as possible pleasant, gentle words that express your feelings.   Sometimes you do not know how to express himself aloud. We found a way out. We write each other love poems and other revelations, but in an artistic form. It is easier to perceive the text, and quite a different feeling than the dry transfer of feelings and desires. Write to each other with or without cause. Do some surprises that will cheer up your man. Let this be an anecdote that you have just read, and then a long laugh. Or let it be a picture where you are parodying someone. Believe me, for a loved one should go for such a thing, especially if it is far away from you.

 Long distance relationship
 - Fifth, build your communication so if you are close.   I can call her husband and to share the joy of a new, or at least send the SMS. I do it as if he was there, and in the evening we are sitting in a chair, a cup of tea to discuss all the issues of the day. This method is somewhat calms me and I do not feel so lonely. Besides, I know that he would call in the evening, and we still try to talk about everything.

- Sixth, do not nag your partner. We all know that men hate this trait in women. Of course, in communication distance is difficult to analyze the situation in which it is located. At first I was not content with the money that he sent us. Sorely lacking anything. But after we talked on this subject, and my husband explained to me that as the situation where it is. It turned out that it was not as easy as we do. This must be understood. Then do not be such misunderstandings.

In conclusion I want to tell you that all of the above acts, but everything in this life is to learn. Explore each other for the benefit of your feelings. Love each other already, because you are together, for what you are, for what your partner is going to meet you and make every effort to ensure that your life together was full of happiness. Do not step on the rake, which took too much of the people, most partner.

Take care of each other. Who else but women need to know that sometimes men are much weaker than us, and they must be protected.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova