Make your sex life more diverse!
 Family life sometimes turns into a routine, filled with worries about her husband, children and the comfort of home, and leaves little time for sensual pleasures. As a result - a gradual cooling of relations between the partners and turning sex into a familiar duty. It's time to fill life with bright colors and remind the partner of your beauty and passion.

Change the style of home clothes
Many psychologists say that the habit kills sexual desire and daily contemplation of his wife in a casual home clothes makes it less attractive to a partner. Hence, it is necessary to change your style!

You should not go to extremes and take that at home you need to walk only a lace negligee - it is not so convenient, and yet close to almost always are children. It is better to choose something less blatant, but certainly has some enticing detail: a deep neckline, side slits cut on the back. That is everything that attracts the eye and causes the man to touch you.

Photo shoot in the style of "nude"
If you want to do something more daring and force your partner to remember the passionate nature, there can come to the rescue services of a professional photographer. On the Internet you can find ads on the set of custom photo shoots as well as reviews of the photographers themselves and their work. If a man is not a strict conservative, you should decide on a bold experiment and, having overcome their modesty, to make a few photos in the style of "nude".

In the event that such a move can evaluate ambiguous partner, better to give preference to the more modest, but no less enticing variant and photographed in a transparent unbuttoned shirt over his naked body, tight clothes, beautiful lace underwear. With photo retouching you can make a very stylish and professional look, and the most daring can even order a calendar with your images and give his beloved.

 Make your sex life more diverse!

Virtual fantasy
Modern technology allows you to make a reality of another sexual fantasy and the man prove his ability to unusual and unexpected steps. Many women complain that sometimes a man spends much time on the Internet, communicating in social networks and icq. Offer him an alternative and chat with them or chatting on Skype. It is advisable that you at this time were at home, and your partner at work.

It is imperative at this time no access to a computer of her husband in other people, as well as complete freedom of action on your part. Technically, both computers must be connected to a webcam and having a good speed internet, all was happening in real time and without a strong inhibition of the picture.

At the appointed time via webcam and chat, you can appear before the eyes of a loved one ... in seductive lingerie, which is worn over a light translucent negligee. During the conversation, you can pretend that you are hot and gradually start revealing. We should not rush too. Sometimes just ajar shoulder and light stroking herself in the neck is able to make a man stronger than the open strip.

If this is not possible seduction partner for technical reasons, it is quite possible to replace it with a phone seduction, in which you can tell the man that you are wearing and how you are currently caress.

Adults games
To add to the sexual life new breath, you need to learn how to play, play adult games. Initially, the idea should be discussed with your partner and try to figure out what he sees you in your fantasies. Let the discussion will be in a joking manner, so many men, and women, is much easier to talk about their sexual fantasies.

 Make your sex life more diverse!
 Then, should take care of the necessary "props." It may be tempting white robe frivolous nurse or dark suit and spectacles strict teacher, stockings, a white blouse and a short skirt or a suit student secretary. It all depends on fantasy partner and your consent to participate in such a scenario. So the roles are distributed, now only improvisation and new experience in sex!

And let the first time the games will be accompanied by a nervous laugh and a shy blush, and gradually you will not notice how entered the role, and shyness replaced first desire and then pleasure. The main thing - not to hurry, because the more pumped up to his new image, more surprising and more intense will be the reaction partner.

If the proposal is to "play" partner met with surprise - do not despair. Maybe he just does not dare to talk about the most intimate and afraid of being ridiculed. In this case it is better to take the initiative in their hands and gently hint at what role you would like to stay in one of the romantic evenings. Maybe you want to reconstruct the history of your acquaintance, and again appear before him as a stranger? Improvise and listen to their wishes, there is nothing more boring than bored of sex, which is carried out "on the machine." The variety and originality - is a guarantee of good sex and the prevention of cheating partner!
Author: Natalia Biatova