News for needlewomen
 You love beautiful things and original jewelry? Then make them yourself! The online store of products for needlework Tё you will find everything you need for this. We have a huge range of materials for creative work - blanks for watches and jewelry, wood, plastic, felt, glass, plastic mold for every taste.

Dekupazhnitsam we offer products for every taste and budget, several hundred kinds of napkins and decoupage cards, rice paper with drawings, krakelyurnye facetted and varnishes for decoupage, special scissors and a lot of different products to make the work of the special originality and brilliance.

Are you interested in registration of photo albums and prefer to give a handmade greeting cards? We in album sales and paper for scrapbooking, greeting cards, stamps, punches, eyelets, buttons, paper clips and a huge range of applications for your hobbies.

I'm tired of formulaic decorations in stores? Go to the "All for jewelry" and create their own unique design, which will be appreciated by others. To do this, we have everything - from cords and chains huge collection of beads of different materials.

Surprise your friends with soap and candles made by hand. Always on sale products for soap making - the basis for soap and candle gel application and decoration for candles.

The possibilities are truly endless mosaic. If colored glass mosaic tesserae pieces, ceramics, acrylic does not leave you indifferent, you will enjoy our store. Here you can buy the materials and tools for mosaic, smalt, as well as a variety of support materials.

We are constantly replenish their range, monitor the quality of products and are committed to bring you the selected item as soon as possible.

Our goal - to do everything to make you feel comfortable and convenient to do. And if you're just starting to explore the magical world of crafts, we will help you to choose everything you need according to your wishes. Through online store Tёtushka.Ru you will save a lot of time and money, as well as easy to find a variety of goods for needlework, without leaving home.

Photo Anastasia Lebedeva