Smartphone LG Optimus and innovative LG products at the National Youth Forum "Seliger-2010"
 High-tech solutions for innovative projects

Company LG Electronics is under the change of "good technology" All-Russian Youth Innovation Forum "Seliger-2010" its latest products, including a wide range of items, from mobile phones and smart phones to 3D-TV. Forum "Seliger-2010" brought together 20,000 young people from all regions of Russia, is designed to support the most vibrant, creative and innovative projects of the Russian youth.

Who to implement any, even the most simple ideas can not do without technology, such as mobile phones. Modern means of communication allow timely learn the news, quickly connect with colleagues and solve current problems. For young people from at "Seliger-2010" their projects, such devices are of particular importance - in fact for the successful implementation of their plans modern gadgets are essential. That's why LG has presented its stand at the All-Russian Youth Innovation Forum "Seliger-2010", which were shown new technological achievements of the company.

Among the exhibited at the booth of technological innovations from LG Electronics - new phones and smart phones, 3D-displays, 3D-TV.

 Smartphone LG Optimus and innovative LG products at the National Youth Forum "Seliger-2010"
 New smartphone LG Optimus (GT540) on the operating system Android 1.6 (also supported version of Android 2.1) - this is the optimal ratio of functionality, quality and price. It's designed for people who want a smartphone with a simple operation. LG Optimus enables you to install a variety of applications based on OS Android, as well as automatically synchronize accounts with all of the services Google, which is useful for active Internet users. An important feature is the support of the module Wi-Fi, which provides convenient access to the Internet. The LG Optimus perfectly realized and multimedia capabilities. Media player with codecs installed DivX and Xvid enables you to view videos in any format without transcoding, and navigation through photo / video content is particularly pleasant thanks to 3D viewing gallery.

LG Optimus battery capacity is 1500 mA / h, which ensures long battery life. Audio jack for standard headphones 3, 5 mm (miniJack). GPS-navigator allows you to pinpoint your location on the map. The bundled 2 GB microSD card. Also in the smartphone you can install a microSD card up to 32 GB that allows you to upload to your phone volume information is not sufficient for one of the innovative project.

Operational Communications today involves not only the possibility of mobile communications with one phone number. Phone LG GX500 supports two sim-cards, allowing you to be connected to 2 phone numbers simultaneously. It is very easy to distinguish between contacts on the business and personal. One of the latest trends is to support work in social networks, which today are not only a means of communication with friends and colleagues, and even a source of information and entertainment content. The phones and smartphones from LG (for example, LG GX500, LG GW620, LG Optimus) supports access to local and global social networks.

 Smartphone LG Optimus and innovative LG products at the National Youth Forum "Seliger-2010"
   To demonstrate the capabilities of the new smartphone LG Optimus, was organized plays orienteering - «LG-quest", which took several days. Teams of 5-6 people were to perform logical tasks, which are read using bar code scanning, installed in a smartphone LG Optimus. To start using the card and GPS-navigation in the smartphone had to find a control point with the job. Fulfilling all the tasks correctly at the control points, the team gathered the necessary code to open the safe with prizes from LG Electronics.

Furthermore, the stand LG were presented and other models. Often, for the convenience of the user is required to configure the phone according to your needs. For this purpose, ideal for a smartphone operating system Android, which with the support of the store Android Market applications of the smartphone adjusts in accordance with its objectives and priorities. Smartphone LG GW620, working on a version of Android 1.5, c large 3-inch screen and pyatiryadnoy QWERTY-keyboard makes writing messages fast and convenient, and to support the work in localized networks greatly simplifies the process of communication.

For those who prefer the original gadgets were shown Watch Phone LG Watchphone (LG GD910).

At the booth of LG also presented 3D-Monitor LG W2363D-and 3D-TV LG LX9500, providing an exciting three-dimensional quality of the image.

Also on the stand was organized useful services for the participants of the forum. So, you can absolutely free to call home with the new smartphone LG Optimus - this is especially true for the participants of the Forum, which had not been home. Also on the stand, a special lounge area, where visitors can recharge svom phones and laptops.

The educational program of the Forum includes 2 master class representative facebook on "Communication in the service of man." Students learned about the present and future of various kommunkatsionnyh models, trends in the ip-telephony, instant messengers, e-mail and finally social networks.

As part of the Forum were held additional activity: the winners of the quiz "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? "Transferred smartphones LG Optimus, and young couples, married one day change" Technology good "were given portable DVD-player.

About LG Electronics, Inc.
Company LG Electronics, Inc .  (KSE: 066570 . KS) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, more than 115 companies around the world (including 84 subsidiaries), employing more than 84 000 people .  The company consists of five business units - Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, Air Conditioning and Business Solutions, the total sales volume in 2009 amounted to 43, 4 billion .  US dollars .  LG is the world's largest producer of flat panel TVs, audio and video products, mobile handsets, air conditioners and washing machines .  LG is a global competition and technological partner of Formula 1 ™ .  As part of a long-term agreement, LG acquires exclusive designations and marketing rights as the official consumer electronics, mobile phone and data processor of this global sporting event .  For more information, please refer to www . lge . com, www . lg . ru .

LG Electronics Russian representative office in Moscow was opened in March 1990; subsequently began to work the other structure of the company. Today, the total number of employees of company divisions in Moscow, including the head office for the CIS and Service office, more than 300 people. In September 2006, he joined the Russian factory LG Electronics (pos. Dorokhovo Ruza district of the Moscow region, 86 km from Moscow) - one of the biggest factories of the world's largest plant in Europe for the production of home appliances and electronics. The company produces LCD and plasma televisions, home theater systems, monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, as well as accessories. The staff of the factory more than 1,500 people, which represents a significant contribution to solving the problem of employment, particularly during the current recession.