Tetushka.ru: All beauty products with their own hands
 Every enthusiastic Needlewoman know the joy of creativity - to watch the way from the skein of thread, stream ribbons, feathers and beads through skillful hands are born funny and cute little things. They can be original decoration of your interior or dress, as well as a wonderful gift for any holiday.

What more familiar needle women? The hunt for a variety of very different small things, without which it simply will not work magic .  Only craftswomen know how long it takes to find the right shade of thread, suitable size, color and texture of beads, various decorative elements .  Buying all of these little things is able to take you the whole weekend, and still there is no guarantee that you will find all of the time you were looking for creativity .  But time and do not have enough! And if given an hour or two off work and household responsibilities, so I want to spend it on the sweet heart activity - knitting or embroidery, scrapbooking or decoupage than to wander around the city for rattan, needles, hooks, beads, yarn and other .  We want to offer you a wonderful way out of this situation - to contact the online shop crafts Auntie . RU .  Selecting and ordering goods for needlework takes just a couple of minutes, and the delivery will store team . 

Tetushka.ru is a rich assortment of products for needlework, which is constantly expanding:

- Goods for decoupage and painting: tools, materials, napkins, paper;

- Paints, varnishes, pastes: materials for use on fabric, brushes, glue, paints, varnishes, mediums, additives and materials to create effects aging - Crackle, plaque antiquity;

 Tetushka.ru: All beauty products with their own hands
   - Accessories for sewing and embroidery: needles, pins, thread, auxiliary materials;

- Materials for embroidery: embroidery kits and accessories;

- Goods for the mosaic: mosaic, smalt, supplies, tools;

- Goods for jewelery: beads, pendants, decorative items, tools, accessories, cups, dividers beads;

- Beads;

 Tetushka.ru: All beauty products with their own hands
 - Goods for scrapbooking: decorative paper, greeting cards, decorative elements and figurines, stickers and application tools;

- Goods for fulling / felting: Felten, felt, tools;

- Decorative elements and figurines: wooden bases for jewelry, wooden figurines, figurines made of MDF, ribbons, cords, pens;

- Items for working with plastic: materials, tools, polymer clay, weight for modeling;

- Objects for decoration: vases, stickers, glass and fabric, plastic molds, trays, frames, boxes, chests, boxes, labels;

- Products for making candles: paint, markers, wicks, labels, appliqué, the basis (wax, gels), molds;

- Materials for flower arranging: driftwood, branches, rattan, sisal, raffia, fibers, dried flowers, auxiliary materials;

- Materials for soap production - the basis, the essential perfumes, dyes, mold.

 Tetushka.ru: All beauty products with their own hands
 Unchanged in the store Tetushka.ru remains consistently high quality of all products and reasonable prices. Our regular women customers are familiar with the system of discounts, which makes shopping even more enjoyable. You will enjoy the simplicity of the process of ordering and prompt delivery, which is carried out on the territory of Russia.

Tetushka.ru save your time and money and allow getting even more out of their handmade hobby (or profession - who knows).

We will be glad to see in our online store not only aunts, and nieces, after all handmade beauty, like love, for all ages!

 Tetushka.ru: All beauty products with their own hands
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Author: Marina Tumovskaya