The dirt in the face, or confrontation "provocateur"
 Do you often think that sometimes people say? I'm not talking about words like "let's be friends." Also, I will not talk about a dirty word, spit each other in the heat of anger. Still, I often deal with people who deliberately and weighed, word by word, poured dirt on the other. Each word is chosen so that it does not hurt sharpness and kills outright.

I call these types of "agents provocateurs". People nowadays manage to be gentle and kind, and cynical at the same time. And that brings us to this state? Someone will say, "we are not, life is." And someone - that the best way of defense is attack. And I would say that the right to verbally attack obviously helpless person, a person who, you know, is not able to answer you the same - no. It is immoral.

Although, when there is no other way, and people have long deserved this spanking, then the decision is on your conscience. "Whips your words, balanced and calm, hit me in the face. After each of the next strike, I I substitute your other cheek. I'm not talking. Are you mad at me for the silence, but I know about you enough to not react to cause pain."

It is difficult not to react to such provocative words. Man pushes you to the reaction to emotional pain. Coping with emotions? It is difficult, but possible. How often have I been in a similar situation. Pain was a lot, but I can not delete these people from your life completely. So I developed for myself system "antiprovakator" :

- At first Be at least outwardly calm, and the demons can and later expelled. Such a method is the result led me to what I am now, not only externally but also spiritually quite calm.

- Secondly , Smile spoken words. Of course, they can be quite offensive, but most likely, those words belie those of your character traits and behaviors that you most miss. Take it as a farewell to a change for the better.

- Third Even if you said the word - an absolute lie, do not argue. In many ways it is easier to take the direction of "provocateur" and agree with his words, adding that the lie and squirm you always have someone to learn from, and thank you for your help. The main thing is that you know your truth. Is it true, as they say, always triumphs.

 The dirt in the face, or confrontation "provocateur"

We all know how devastating a negative effect on our body. But we are able to resist him. Just imagine: Head (relative, neighbor, and so on. D.) Chastises you for something significant. You got a hot hand. But what happens then - thrown by someone in the film you will have and begin their dirty work: red eyes, headaches, blood pressure jumps. And over time, the accumulated film gives us eyes and dull hair without shine, early wrinkles, health problems. But all this can be avoided.

You threw mud, go to the bathroom and wipe the face with cold water. Of course, the offender would have been nice to see you broken and defeated. Do not leave him the satisfaction.

Most of the doctors have to hear that all diseases of the nerves. But it is also common to hear that many nerves are completely shattered, and all the familiar phrase - "the nerves do not iron." Yes, nerves of iron, but they are still worth to spare.

 The dirt in the face, or confrontation "provocateur"

Do not know how to cope with the "provocateur" - go to a psychologist. I do not see anything wrong with that periodically communicate with this person. The regular without slugger correctly or do not repel the attacks of "provocateur" often lead a person into a state of depression. Remember that this is a disease that needs special treatment under medical supervision. From the lungs, many suffer depressive moods. True depression is less common and should be subject to psychotherapeutic treatment.

NEVER engage in self, especially if you are unsure in their diagnosis and further action.

The system "antiprovakator" not perfect, but if you're under constant pressure "provocateur", then the system can vary depending on your situation, which, as you know, in each case individually.

Throw Me Assistants for a good mood:

- Orange color   a positive effect on our consciousness. Wear warm clothes in shades of orange and turn in your menu oranges, tangerines, carrots and pumpkin.

- Essential oils . Especially effective against depressive moods neroli - a precious fragrance of orange blossoms, which, strictly speaking, even sorry to use oil burner - buy yourself a better snuff bottle. A mixed oil of neroli oil, jojoba and fill the bottle with the mixture. Just when depressive mood help bergamot, jasmine, rose, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.

What goes around comes around. Be calm, and then the seedlings will be pleased.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova