The secret of Uma Thurman
 Uma Thurman - actress beautiful, talented and enigmatic. Lovers perfumes managed to reveal one of the secrets of the Hollywood film star.

Background ...

Perfume Ange ou Demon - hit from Givenchy, this fragrance was born in 2006 and quickly gained popularity. Sensual and mysterious smell belongs to the family floral-oriental. It so happened in the world of perfumery business, a good idea that one is operated as long as it can be extracted from the maximum profit. Ange ou Demon is no exception, for the perfume followed his original version: Ange ou Demon Diamantissime, Ange ou Demon Tender and finally, Ange ou Demon Le Secret.

According to experts, the version of Ange ou Demon Le Secret («Angel or demon. The Secret") could well become an independent aroma without reference to the predecessor, the original. To do this, it would be "just" come up with a new name, change the design of the bottle and adjust the advertising campaign. However, marketers Givenchy thought otherwise.

Angel or demon - that is the secret

On the creation of the composition Ange ou Demon Le Secret perfumer Bernard Ellena worked. Top notes of the fragrance up fresh and invigorating Italian lemon, cranberry and green tea. Notes of the "heart" presents a combination of fragrant jasmine, white peony and water lily. Base fragrance is made up of soft sensual notes of light wood, patchouli and white musk.

Eau de Parfum Bottle Ange ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy created by talented designer Serge Manso (it was he who came up with bottles of the original and previous versions). The shape of the bottle resembles an easy diamond pendant. As planned by the designer pattern on the bottle symbolizes the silver rays of the rising sun: so in the light of the nature of always replaces the darkness, and in the women's heart to replace the dark demon, sooner or later comes to light angel.

 The secret of Uma Thurman

Represent Ange ou Demon Le Secret invited famous actress Uma Thurman. The creators of the fragrance is believed that her image in harmony angel and a demon, gentle beauty and fatal temptress.

Mission Uma Thurman

Many memorable commercials Eau de Parfum Ange ou Demon Le Secret, which is played on the TV. Uma Thurman in a luxurious white dress suited to the large mirror, but sees there is not a reflection of your angelic and demonic beauty in black. The action is accompanied by a song with a simple motif in French: «Je suis ange ou demon et cela mon secret,» - «I'm an angel or a demon? This is my secret! ".

In glossy magazines on the promotional pictures fragrance Ange ou Demom Le Secret Uma Thurman looks luxurious. Stylists have thought through every detail of her image: a long white dress, blond hair perfectly arranged, at least ornaments, white sandals with high heels. Gaze pierces through like an actress.

 The secret of Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is in good shape: long, slender legs, thin waist, beautiful breasts. In an interview the actress said that the intervention of Photoshop in her promotional pictures minimal.

Known in the world of fashion photographer Mario Testino took Uma in a candid pose with bare feet. Master managed to perfectly convey the mood of the fragrance, and its model Uma Thurman brilliantly coped with its mission.

Perfumes and cinema

 The secret of Uma Thurman
   Avid film fans and admirers of Uma Thurman can "dig deeper" and boldly carry out angel-demon parallel with one of the best roles of the actress in the cult film Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill". The name of the protagonist is already involved duality: Bride, it - Black Mamba.

The bride is ready to stand before the altar, so that combined legal marriage with a beloved man. In an instant, her life is ruined, killed favorite and all the guests at the wedding. Four years spent in a deep coma, comes into action Black Mamba - once a fighter squad of assassins, and now cruel and merciless avenger.

 The secret of Uma Thurman
   At the end of the film all the offenders punished, the heroine finds a lost daughter, long considered dead. "The lioness returned to her cub, and in the jungle came the order," - says the final credits of the film. Angels and demons in the soul of the heroine of a truce.

Fatal and dangerous woman, which is not alien to the femininity and tenderness - intended by Givenchy, is the owner of Ange ou Demon Le Secret. And Uma Thurman brilliantly embodies the image. That's the whole secret.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova