Garter question - a penalty by Hermes
 Collection scarf from Hermes was the most democratic way to join the luxury brand.

The fashion house Hermes - one of the most famous and oldest Parisian fashion houses. The first stone of the building of today's concern for the production of luxury goods was laid in 1837, when Thierry Hermès opened a plant for the production of bridles and saddles. Soon the fame of his first-class products spread everywhere. Over the next two generations reputation Hermes has steadily strengthened, and in the end it got the name of world renown.

The history of fashion house started with the company for the production of bridles and saddles, founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. The company Thierry worked only the best craftsmen. Saddles made in this workshop, featuring special saddle stitch, which not only perform their function directly, but also a decorative element. Subsequently, he became a hallmark of the brand Hermes. Now Hermes produces a variety of products: clothing, legendary name handbags, watches, perfume, jewelry, and since 1984 - tableware. However, the attributes of the riding are the trademark of the fashion house.

 Garter question - a penalty by Hermes
 But the worldwide fame brought to the House of Hermes silk still: in the late 1920s. fashion house goes under the management of Robert Dumas, who in 1928 starts the famous line of silk scarves, Hermes, and which became famous all over the world, as well as a tie, a line of perfumes and beach towels.

Interesting!   First pleated silk scarf appeared on the market in 1979.

What is bob?

Classic Silk "square" - a rectangle of 90 by 90 centimeters from 65 grams of the best silk obtained from cocoons of 250, with a unique, hand-printed pattern consistently. Figures - run and jump, zodiac signs and images of Matisse, ornaments in the form of keys and wild animals. Scarf by Hermes was the most democratic way to join the luxury brand.

Among the fans of the legendary quads - the Queen of England, Grace Kelly (she tie them his broken arm), Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy. It Sharon Stone Hermès headscarf tied his victims in "Basic Instinct."

 Garter question - a penalty by Hermes
 Interesting!   The original is a penalty of not less than 250 euros.

In 2007, the famous squares from Hermes appeared in a new size 70x70 cm, and has become even more delicate and softer through the use of selective silk.

The process of creating a penalty

 Garter question - a penalty by Hermes
 It all starts with a long process of color matching. One composition must be submitted at least five colors. For the approval of each of them is made up of 50 proofs, and only after a thorough discussion of experts at a stop, the most interesting option.

To handkerchief turned out as beautiful as a sketch designer, engraver has to be recovered from individual multi-color paint composition as independent figures and then with a jeweler's precision to carry everyone on the mesh pattern for tkanepechati. Print used such a long 100m. Their slightly sticky surface and prevents the distortion of silk fabric. In the production of tissue, from the design theme of the new collection, it takes 27 to 30 months on hand hem - from 32 to 40 minutes.

Every six months, created 12 models: 6 - on new designs, and 6 - for the best sketches of shawls previous years are released reprinted in the actual colors. However, in the new collections are always horses - circus, toy, zebra, African, etc.

Interesting!   Since its first collection in 1937 until today in the House of Hermes was created more than 1,200 sketches.

Since 1939 scarves from Hermes are packed in a special way - they add up exclusively in orange boxes.

Accessories by Hermes - not subject to fashion trends. According to statistics in the world every 15 minutes headscarf sold one-square, and for handbags Hermes, the cost 5-10 thousand dollars, there is a turn in the months ahead.

Tips how to tie a scarf

 Garter question - a penalty by Hermes
  • If you want to cover up overt cleavage or bare shoulders, then fold the triangle scarf that one end protrudes slightly from the other. Nabroste shawl over her shoulders, cross your rear ends and tie them to the front of the neck, a small knot.

  • Nabroste scarf over one shoulder, put beautiful pleats and tie on the opposite side at the waist.

  • If the neck is attractive enough, you can hide the flaw, wore a scarf as follows. Fold the scarf triangle collect his narrow strip and wrap around the neck. One end of the miss under the base of the handkerchief.

  • To the contrary underline neck scarf fold "accordion" and tie it to the side of his neck. The short end remains free, and a long scarf miss under the base upwards.

  • Tie scarf around the neck so that its free ends have the same length. Twice twist the ends together and freely Get them back. Behind tie the ends of the front drape a scarf on the neckline.

  • Tie a knot in the middle of the scarf and slightly flatten the knot. Node is located under the chin, crossing the ends of the scarf around the neck from behind. Get ahead and pull the ends through the knot crosswise.

Author: Inna Sedykh