How to survive without your favorite cosmetics
 I think it has happened at least once in their lives with each of us. We hurry to the store to buy a lipstick or a shade that we enjoyed for several years, and there we are told that they are out of production, and we will never see. First, we panic, then we come into a rage, and then begin to ask yourself questions: "Why did this happen to me?", "What have I done wrong?" "Maybe put the spell on me?" Take a deep ... breath - it will help you to stay calm in an emergency.

Do not take this decision cosmetic companies too much to heart. Believe me, she does not do it to annoy you for what you did not buy last year of their super expensive new mascara, and not even because this lipstick is you much more than a new girlfriend, your former. Usually old products phased out to make way for new, more modern and fashionable. And unless we are against progress?

However, this may not always comfort us in our grief, so I decided to share with you a few ideas on how to survive the "break" with your favorite cosmetics.

Firstly, note that prodution products often fall under the sales and various actions: manufacturers tend to quickly sell off old items to make way for the new - so be sure to visit in the cosmetic department stores, discount stores or goods that fall under any shares . But before you buy be sure to check the expiration date on the product: love love, but you do not want to get skin irritation or allergy.

If you are determined, you write an angry letter to the address of the manufacturer. And to make it even persuade some of his girlfriends. If such loyal fans of your favorite tools typed a lot, then maybe cosmetics company reconsider its decision. Of course, such an outcome is unlikely, but, nevertheless, similar precedents took place to be. In any case, it will not be worse, and you have nothing to lose: in this age of information technology you do not have to spend even on a stamp to the envelope.

Some branded sites offer a whole system to find analogues discontinued funds. For example, such systems have Lancome and Estee Lauder. This option is good to all: you get the same quality products, often with virtually identical properties and even the color palette. However, those who use other brands of cosmetics that will not help.

But it can help a variety of network auctions, where they are in the presence of the time, good luck and some skills, have the ability to find the right tool. The world leader of online auctions is, of course, eBay, and for the Russian people are still, we can recommend. In addition, you can ask around and look for the right tool at the Women's Forum, dedicated to cosmetics, for example, or But do not forget about the shelf life!

Another way to solve the problem (though he is from the area of ​​aerobatics) - is to try to create the right shade of lipstick or shadows themselves. Of course, it is suitable only if it in color instead of in the ingredients, properties, etc. But at a certain skill you get virtually infinite palette of colors: you now prefer pink shade with a touch of silver or fuchsia? Perhaps in light blue to add a little emerald, to get iridescent aquamarine?

But the easiest and most obvious way to survive the separation - is to find a new love! After the disappearance of a loved one means - is not end of the world, and a great way to try something new!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina