Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!
 Multi-layer fashion. So let's use it to the fullest. What I mean. What two things separately - are two ordinary things, and two things together - this is the third new, unique and original thing. And more important argument in the direction of layering: so cool clothes "conceals" Large volume and suitable for women. And the rest, of course, too.

Two shirts

Look in the closet: surely you have two almost identical blouses. Well, if - a different color. Even better contrast. But also on contiguous colored suit. Dress up one on top of another. Turns away cuffs and collar blouse bottom so that they are visible and sealed cuffs and collar top. And yet! We have prepared a new original shirt. And even two new, because they can be interchanged. Good looks, if one thing is monotonous, and the other - flowered or striped. Especially if monochromatic color "falls" in some color with patterned material.
So, the basic idea:   next time you buy a blouse, buy her a pair. Or look for the blouse is not only this, that combined with the suit, but also combined to at least one of those that hang in your wardrobe.

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two stamp

Knitted tops cheap, so one extra - can not hurt. You can "play" not only with flowers. Try to arrange interesting straps. You can make an interesting composition of the two, or even three of these items.

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two Pullover

Unpretentious and inexpensive puloverchiki - often it is our weakness .  We buy them almost every season .  And absolutely not sparing sometimes rasstaёmsya with them, if they have nothing to wear .  Stop! Wait a little in order to send a sweater in the closet .  Cheap and simple things really do not look very dignified, quickly bored, zanashivayutsya .  But if you put on, for example, a sweater, and two against each other - get new luxury item .  Naturally, it is necessary to put all this so that the bottom neat sweater peeking out of the top, creating a feeling of cuffs, bottom rim and neck treated .  Excellent two turtlenecks look: like a sweater with a colored collar and cuffs .  Use an eternal combination of black and white, black and red (if there are any in your wardrobe), a contrast solution here generally will look spectacular .  If there is a second pullover - go to the store and look for a pair of pants or not only a skirt, but now his old pullover, waiting in the closet .  For such low-cost things you can safely go to the supermarket and stock shop: they often sold the same things and cut different colors .  You can even "run into" a share "two for the price of one" .  Then all will turn out as many as four for the price of one!

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two scarves

Or even three, or maybe four! If this would be the best color options, even the usual black turtleneck able to "tune up" with new colors and become almost evening dress. Again color options - the sea. And contrast, and with a difference of textures, color and convergence. Tie they can also be different. You can just pull 2 ​​or 3 headscarf in one node on the chest. They can be pre-twist. You can do this two-color tie as worn by the pioneers of the socialist countries. Create, invent, try - that's the motto here. And each new version of headscarves - a new outfit. The crisis is not the solution?

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two scarf

Yes, get used to wearing several scarves. This warmer, and unusual and fashionable idea of ​​layering will be supported. The options are many. As with handkerchiefs: in search of color, and in the search for composition (ie, a method of wearing these scarves).

Socks, socks and podsledniki

The couple is not your shoe that will change it beyond recognition. Thus, there is an opportunity to get new shoes for the price of conventional golfiki. Ridiculous? But look. Conventional boots can be unusual and mischievous if one would look out socks or leggings. For a good pair of shoes can become socks to match, or for example, lace short socks. The most original decision may be two pairs of socks: one from the other. Thin and bright - very good focus for lovers of sports style.

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two bags

Two? Or three? Two birds with one stone because we can kill. And put all on the shelves, or rather, for handbags (documents - separately, cosmetics - separately). And paint your way. So, we can take either two of the same size but different in color bag. Either two or three bags of varying size. Option too much. The main thing - do not forget, how many bags you today. And if a bad memory and forgetfulness - this is your problem, you can seal the bags together. Or twist the bag handles, or you can use for this little handkerchief or scarf.

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

In two jewelery

Put the beads are not alone, but two or even three different strands of beads. Belt - not one, but two. Rings, bracelets ... Do not be afraid, try it. Now fashion - wear a lot of jewelry. When a monochromatic dress them impossible to spoil anything! Decorations are able to turn things in a completely new and unrecognizable! Today, they can mix up styles and materials. The measure is necessary, but each woman she is, so do not be afraid that something is out of place.

Two caps

Buy two caps, instead of one. Colorful lapel very diverse monochromatic simple thing. And still remember how we wrap in childhood: first a handkerchief, then warm shawl, and sometimes even on top and cap. Ridiculous? But if you do everything with taste and tact - can get trendy headgear. Start with at least two handkerchiefs, one on top of another. You can tie a scarf as a bandana, and top to wear thin knit cap to the ends of the shawl could be seen - this is a very original and warm. You can just cover the head with a handkerchief, and on top - a bandana or hat. Also original and fresh. Try something out of this, you certainly will do.

 Steam composition. Buy two items, get the third - for free!

Two pairs of gloves

Often we are so wear when we are cold. But you can use this technique for a new image. No matter: it mittens or gloves, or a combination of both. But the color edge - it's nice and fresh. Generally, buying a normal set of mittens, scarves and hats, and now it is not necessary to guess what color it should be. Buy all the things two or three variations and change them. First, a black top, white bottom. Then vice versa. Then still some third option. And most importantly: just so many new things! Yes, do not forget this as a fashion accessory fingerless gloves - they are cool tune if they put on top of the thin-colored gloves.

These women actually cost a small amount of things. But look every day in a new dress. Just a small amount they are able to mix things so that once and never guess: is there a sweater she had yesterday, or is it a new one. Stratification - a great way out for those who want to learn to vary things. Pick the color variation, use a little ingenuity and imagination - you'll love. After all, this is a great opportunity, not buying anything new, at the same time get hold of a lot of new and unusual things. Good luck!
Author: Julia Gnedina