How many chins need a beautiful woman?
 This is exactly the question that can be answered with certainty - the smaller the better. One given to us from birth chin will be just right. Of course, it is good if it is a beautiful shape and in harmony with the other facial features, however, if the form does not suit you, then there are options ... Some correct shape of the face and shape of the chin, you can use special gymnastics - facelift, feysbildinga, sculptural modeling of other persons. Skillful make-up can be achieved that the chin does not attract attention, and, of course, plastic surgery, as "the last argument of kings", changes the characteristics decisively and irrevocably.

By the way, all of these ways to change the appearance of action and in the case of extra chins, except, perhaps, the makeup - if the second chin has clearly manifested itself, disguises, not mask it, the effectiveness of these actions is not great, and the beauty it you just do not add .

Anyway, the second chin is a phenomenon that is easier to prevent than to get rid of him ...

Factors affecting the appearance of double chin:

• Excess weight;
• Poor posture, slouching habit, lowered head when walking and sitting, for example, when working at the computer, reading;
• Incorrect (too high) cushion;
• Genetic predisposition.

Knowing the cause of the extra chins, develop a strategy to combat for the beautiful shape of the face, especially if viewed genetic predisposition: take control weight, follow the bearing, lush high throw pillows and replace them with small flat.

But all this is not enough! To prevent the appearance of double chin, you should regularly do a set of special exercises to strengthen the muscles allowing the neck and face, which will inevitably weaken with age if they are not engaged.

 How many chins need a beautiful woman?

Every day, in the morning you can not get out of bed, try to perform this exercise: prone position (on flat surface), slowly raise your head 45 degrees, and as it slowly omit .  It should do 3 sets of 15 times .  In this exercise, among others, involved subcutaneous (wide) cervical muscles (m . platysma), the main culprit formation of double chin, according to many experts .  Unfortunately, approximately 25% of women, this muscle is absent, and for many it is extremely weak .  In this case, it can not be strengthened, but it is possible to achieve improvement of the so-called digastric (m . digastricus), which is responsible for the right (straight), the angle between the chin and neck .  The weakening of the digastric a negative impact on the chin area .  Strengthen it easy with a simple exercise - lift the tip of your nose and try to "bite" his nose lower lip .  Do this exercise several times each day .  Very effective, simple and useful exercise - to write the alphabet nose in the air, all that is familiar to you - the Latin, Russian or Greek .  

Improve your posture, you can use the book ... rather large and heavy. Place the book on his head and walk for five minutes, trying to keep his balance and not to drop that down. When walking with a book, not just the spin is aligned, but the head takes a special position, working muscles affecting the shape of the face, reduces body fat in the chin area.

 How many chins need a beautiful woman?

If you regularly every day to perform these and other exercises help maintain muscle tone of the above, as well as the chin muscles (m.mentalis), do not forget about posture and weight - double collections will not get any chance to spoil your appearance.

For preventive measures to prevent the formation of double chin and attribute activities to preserve skin elasticity - massages, facials.

How to get rid of extra chins

What if engaged in the prevention of late and is already available dubious decoration, the second chin? Yes, in principle, all the same, but even more persistently and consistently - to immediately get rid of the high pillows, correct posture, strengthen the muscles necessary, fight for the preservation of elasticity of the skin on the neck and under the chin.

  To improve skin tone and its elasticity after washing sufficiently intense (but without fanaticism) Tapping his chin with a towel dipped in healing solution: 1 tbsp. l. salt, 1 tbsp. l. vodka, 1 tsp. l. vinegar or lemon juice and 1 cup of water.

To improve skin elasticity apply compresses , eg, boiled potatoes . Rubs it to the consistency of sour cream with egg yolk, 1 ch. L. honey and 1 hour. L. any vegetable oil, still warm mass abundant layer impose on the chin area, fix the top gauze bandage and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then wash off the mask with cool water.

Here is another simple tool from the arsenal of folk cosmetology - wrap with lemon juice   (you can apple cider vinegar). Wetting the bandage or gauze (3-4 layers) in the juice of half an hour fix a compress on his chin, and then remove the wrap, your skin lubricates cream. At the end of the procedure after removal of the gauze with the juice can be applied to the chin compress for 15 minutes with cold water.

Tighten the skin on the chin help mask of cosmetic clay   (black or white):

Dilute 1 tbsp. spoonful of clay with cold water until a thick cream, it follows that the mass was homogeneous without lumps. Lubricates the neck and chin nourishing cream, cooked impose a thick layer of clay on the chin after the clay dries completely, wait for about 10 minutes and then wash off the mask with cool water, and then put on the neck and chin area nourishing cream.

 How many chins need a beautiful woman?

An effective way to fight a second chin is massage Especially honeyed Honey a unique natural product that improves the regeneration of tissues, increases blood circulation, moreover, it is good to clean the skin and its deeper layers of toxins and helps to reduce body fat. This is a very simple and affordable procedure. Take a little honey on your fingers and begin to massage the chin until it turns red. The further continuation of the procedure depends on you, you can do massage for 20-30 minutes or - until they get tired hands. Honey - is a good nutrition and hydration of the skin, massage - charge for the muscles that after the regular exercise become elastic and prevent sagging skin

Systematic studies facial gymnastics Will strengthen and bring the neck muscles in tone, though not so important what kind of system you choose, whether it's plain and simple exercise of complex selfliftinga (samopodtyazhka) by Camille Voler or quite complex from a complex feysforminga Benita Kantieni or take sculpting exercises Carol Maddzhio. The main thing - the regularity and perseverance. In all these complexes have exercises specifically targeting the region of the jaw and chin and in most cases, they are effective as when only impending or already explicitly expressed in second chin.

If the situation is too advanced, you may need the assistance of professional cosmetologists. Myostimulation, lymphatic drainage, lipomodelirovanie, special massages, lifting treatments, mesotherapy and laser therapy - all of these ways to find the application and in the control of a double chin. And of course, surgical lifting - the fastest, but it is not the safest way to achieve results. Operation of lifting and liposuction in the chin area is not considered to be very difficult, but, nevertheless, not without potential risks, and of the unwanted outcome of the operation is also not perfect.

 How many chins need a beautiful woman?

But, firmly decided to do his own chin, we certainly can not expect instant results, but just "kill several birds with one stone." Getting rid of excess chin, or preventing its appearance, gain good posture, get an additional incentive in the fight against excess weight, improve the shape of the face and skin, and as a result, look younger and more attractive, and thus feel themselves confident and calm.
Author: Olga Travleeva