How to cure chapped lips?
 With the onset of cold weather we are increasingly faced with the problem of how to chapped lips. Sometimes the injury is so serious that a few days we are experiencing pain and discomfort to the same chapped lips nobody paint. Of course, I want to quickly say goodbye to this deficiency and to regain former beauty. Let's see how to prevent chapping of the lips or if the trouble has already occurred, how fast cure our lips.

How to prevent chapping of the lips?

Haley, or inflammation of the lips and the skin around them - quite a common problem that occurs for several reasons. Among them: the cold air, wind, dry air, sunlight allergic reaction to cosmetics, lack of vitamins, bad habits. Knowing these reasons, we can try to prevent cheilitis. Let's learn the basic recommendations. So:

* Weather.   As much as we might wish, but do not change the weather in our power, but to protect lips from the sun and wind we may. To do this, use balms caring, which include vitamins and hyaluronic acid, can also be lubricated lips daily vitamin E capsules. In winter give up funds for the lips, which include glycerin, menthol, retinol and alcohol - they are further dried lips. Also in the cold season, it is not necessary to use strong lipstick.

* Habits.   The negative state of our mouth affects such habits as smoking, biting and licking the lips. If you quit smoking, you can not, then at least to abstain from smoking on the street, especially in windy and cold weather. Control yourself: Do not lick your lips, no matter how dry they are, better pick up caring balm.

* Allergies.   Cheilitis can be caused by allergy. So try to use cosmetics tested firms.

* Unbalanced diet.   The reason for the frequent chapping of the lips can be an overabundance of vitamin A, a lack of vitamin B2 and calcium. Revise their menus, mindful of the fact that the calcium-rich dairy products such as cottage cheese and B2 found in nuts.

 How to cure chapped lips?

First aid for chapping of lips

If the trouble still occurred, and when he comes home, you find that the weather-beaten lips, inflame and peel, you need to take emergency measures. Treatment should consist of several steps: peeling, softening and moisturizing. First of all, you should carefully remove the peeling and dead skin cells, for this we use one of the following peels:

* Honey Peeling.   Apply on the skin of the lips thick layer of natural candied honey, gently massage, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Again gently massage the skin of the lips with fingertips and remove the remains of the honey with warm water. Repeat daily exfoliation while unpleasant symptoms disappear completely. If you have a fresh, more liquid honey, you can mix it with sugar, thereby obtaining an excellent scrub.

* Vaseline peeling.   Gently remove the peeling skin with Vaseline Lip help. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin of the lips and fingertips make patting massage for 3-4 minutes. Remove residues of petroleum jelly with a damp cloth.

 How to cure chapped lips?

Now for the nutrition and hydration of the lips, in this case, too, there are a number of effective masks:

• Well-proven mask on the basis of vegetable oils, besides, they are easy to prepare and are rich in vitamins. Apply on the lips, slightly warmed olive oil or flaxseed oil. A few minutes later a massage lips, helping residual oil absorb into the skin.

• Remove the pain and inflammation helps mask of curd. To do this, put on lip fat cottage cheese (can be diluted with cream) and leave for 15 minutes. After rinse with water and rub nourishing balm.

• An important step in the treatment of inflammation and removal of cheilitis is moisturizing. Moisturizing masks are very simple: apply to the lips aloe juice or grated on a fine grater cucumber. Wash off after 15 minutes with warm water and apply a barrier cream or balm.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya