How to get rid of the oil lamp?
 Health problems - it is not pleasant. And if it negatively affects our appearance, as they say, comments and generally unnecessary. And there are such problems - cosmetics - that seem to have serious consequences and will not lead, but the mood and confidence in our appeal can be reduced. One problem - the emergence of Wen. Where does this attack and how to treat once it has appeared, check out this article.

Where did that come from?

Wen is the deposition of adipose tissue even if it is small size, it is easy to find - under the skin like a pea rolls slightly soft to the touch. And if strongly to press for such a pea or squeeze it, unless there is pain, discomfort is palpable. This is - a typical example of Wen limited dense capsule, to be exact - a benign tumor, unable to develop into malignant. Another kind of Wen - poured - is more dangerous: such talc without the capsule may develop into a malignant tumor. Today we talk about the most frequent type of Wen - a capsule shell.

Why is there such talc? Doctors say that the main reason - to slagging the body and clogging of the sebaceous glands, where they are formed. This, in turn, lead and unbalanced diet and poor environment, and hereditary factors and diseases of internal organs (kidney, liver, pancreas).

The most modern method of getting rid of small wen is laser removal. If Wen was quite small, the skin did not remain scars. Wen sizes up to 3 cm are removed by injection of drugs by which the deposition of fat absorbed. Wen more than 4-5 cm are removed at surgery under local anesthesia. In the most severe cases, the patient will have to stay in hospital for several days.

Getting rid of Wen in the early stages?

If wen small size, then try to deal with it, you can at home.

One of the most popular ways to get rid of the house is the use of Wen Vishnevsky ointment . This means able to remove odorous talc in a short time - from one to several days depending on size. For this purpose we make a compress of ointment to the affected area, changing the dressing every 8-10 hours. Vishnevsky ointment and can be replaced ichthyol ointment or salve "Zvezdochka" But these funds are not so fast.

 How to get rid of the oil lamp?

And it has a good effect vodka compress . On the bandage should be put vegetable oil and vodka in equal amounts, and the top is good to warm the place. Such compresses should be changed daily until it disappears wen.

 How to get rid of the oil lamp?

Another physician is wen aloe . Fleshy leaves of this plant should be cut lengthwise, lay on the problem, a good bandage or sticking plaster. Use this method should be but the night. A few weeks wen usually opened his rod comes out and a small wound quickly tightened. Aloe can be replaced and other plant - Kalanchoe With its help resolve wen.

 How to get rid of the oil lamp?

There is such a method: every morning and evening on the quarter hour imposes on the problematic place a gauze soaked vodka   and sprinkled with a teaspoon ground black pepper . For opening Wen will also need at least 2-3 weeks of such procedures.

Keep in mind that these methods are primarily designed for getting rid of body wen, wen if it appeared on the face, it is best to seek solution to the beautician.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya