Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips
 Have you heard about this innovation? Maybe something like you've already seen. It's a disposable mask in a film. Such masks are popular for face, there are also options for the skin around the eyes. And now appeared gel mask for lips. For what they are, and whether there are alternatives?

If you properly care for your skin, you probably know that the care of the mouth has its own characteristics. Lips should exfoliate more often, a good moisturizer every day to wash off makeup. But what about the mask? After all, we are not used to put the mask on her lips. It turns out, the skin of the lips is deprived of such an effective and rejuvenating tonic. Lip balms partially serve as masks lip. Now, however, beauticians believe that mouth masks needed, as well as the skin.

The skin of the lips often gives our age. She's getting older one of the first, because her lips - the most moving part of the human face, therefore, fine lines and wrinkles appear around the lips almost simultaneously with the first "crow's feet".

Wrinkles around the mouth and on the lips themselves difficult to mask makeup. Fillers - a radical solution, not everything is positive about him. So, the skin of the lips need a mask that will provide deep hydration and nutrition. Moist lips - the best basis for lipstick, especially for dramatic shades.

New from Korea

Gel mask film - invention came from Korea. They produce a great variety of masks. And among them gel mask for lips.

 Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips

This is a disposable mask, which is a thin layer of plastic, resembling the outline of the shape of the lips. A pleasant surprise was the pink color of the mask.

The mask contains vitamins, fruit acid, grape seed oil, honey extract, ceramides. And all this does mask important part of care for lips. In addition, the mask is well attached to the surface of the lips, tight to the skin. Apply to be only on clean skin.

 Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips

The mask should remain on the lips at least 15 minutes. And this is enough to for the whole next day, her lips were moisturized and smooth.

In such a mask for lips there is one problem - you have not breathe through the mouth 15 minutes. Therefore, the girls with a cold gel mask for lips can not come, will have to wait until the nasal passages will not breathe freely. Although there are variations mask with a slit for a mouth.

Home Alternative

It is sad that so effectively mask is not for sale everywhere. A few of us can boast of frequent trips to Korea. But you should not lose heart, too. After all, almost any product cosmetics have a home alternative. And replace the gel mask for lips can a few simple recipes:

- Vaseline.   Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the entire surface of the lips. A soft toothbrush or terry mitten gently massage your lips, focusing on dry areas. Remove the cloth layer of petroleum jelly dry skin cells, and then apply Vaseline to the lips for a few more minutes.

- Oils.   Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil (or coconut) with 2 tablespoons of mashed avocado. Apply to lips. Top cover with a cloth or tissue. And wait 15 to 20 minutes. This mask can be done as often as you want. And the result is you exactly like it, because in addition to softening the skin of the lips, you'll notice that the wrinkles and lines around the lips disappear.

 Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips

- Honey.   This mask not only moisturizes and nourishes, but also added a bit of volume. Make a sponge a la Angelina Jolie Japanese recipe. You will need a thick organic honey, it should be applied to the lips with a thick layer with a spatula or plastic stick. Top cover lips thin plastic cling film. Leave the mask for 15 minutes. Thereafter, the film can be removed to wash off excess honey and warm water. Japanese women use this honey trick to make your lips moisturized, soft and filled.

 Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips

- Honey, oil, petroleum jelly.   For this mask will need cotton pads. They need to soak in the composition of the mask and apply on lips for half an hour. To mask should mix honey, butter (to choose from - coconut, olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed), petrolatum.

Alternative from the store

Masks Lip produce and our favorite cosmetic brands. And one of the best one - a mask from the lip Mary Kay Satin Lip . Use it easily. Apply to lips for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess wet cotton swab. Once applied balm. By the way, in the line of Mary Kay Satin Lip there are suitable lip balm. I must say that customer feedback about this lip mask - one of the most friendly.

 Meet the new product: a gel mask for lips

Author: Tamara