Top 10 best facial masks
 Institute of Marketing and Social Research Company StyleSalon offers 10 most popular face masks for the last six months (20.03.13-20.08.13). The main criteria in the selection of the top ten beauty masks were:
- The highest number of sales;
- Positive feedback from customers;
- The highest number of visitors to the site to display;
- Repost the number of products in social networks.
We hope this ranking will help you navigate among the many products that offer modern brands.

Gigi Lipacid Mask - Medical mask

 Top 10 best facial masks

The therapeutic effect of the tool due to its composition of active ingredients, the combination of which increases the range of keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Because of lavender oil, the mask removes congestion, local edema and irritation, and has a powerful analgesic and regenerating effect. Zinc oxide and kaolin absorb sebum, skin lightening, narrow and clean pores. Chamomile extract and allantoin soothe the skin and oligosaccharides and amino acids protect it from dehydration.

Holy Land Special Mask - Reduces the mask

 Top 10 best facial masks

This tool absorbs dirt and sebum, reduces enlarged pores, normalizes active sebaceous glands. Just mask has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, it quickly soothes irritated skin, smoothes its texture and color, heals damage.

White clay, which is a part of the mask, absorbent products sweat and sebaceous glands, has porosuzhivayuschee effect, exfoliates dead epithelial cells. Sulfur normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, and promotes rapid healing of wounds. Camphor improves blood circulation.

Holy Land Special Mask is strongly recommended for rehabilitation after seborrhea and acne. The systematic application of pruning mask smoothes blemishes and scars, will make your skin healthy and clean.

Demax Seboreguliruyuschaya mask on the basis of the Tibetan herbs Phyto

 Top 10 best facial masks

The mask improves microcirculation and limfootok reduces sebum reproduction and vitaminiziruet skin. The facility has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. It is recommended to use a mask seboreguliruyuschuyu Demax after cleaning.

The basic structure of tools: Tibetan safflower, zanhunhua, padeybel, soy extract, medical clay, ginseng extract, seaweed extract.

Christina Comodex Double Action Mask - Mask of double action for problem skin

 Top 10 best facial masks

Gentle product with a pleasant aroma, which reduces the manifestation of acne. Mask without drying the skin. In the main part:
- Horsetail extract, menthol, zinc oxide, oil, calendula flowers and grape seeds - treat and soothe the skin, reduce redness;
- Allantoin - refreshes the skin;
- Camphor and kaolin - cleanse the pores, absorb fat.

Uriage Iseak exfoliation face mask

 Top 10 best facial masks

Soft Peeling Mask gommazh effectively and gently cleanses the skin. As part of this tool provides a soothing and revitalizing active ingredients. Uriage Iseak helps to narrow pores, smoothes the skin relief, improves the complexion and mattes the skin.

Kart Tomato Mask Tomato Mask

 Top 10 best facial masks

A unique facility that treats oily and problem skin - acne eradicates not only at the level of the stratum corneum, but also in deep layers of the skin. The mask also helps regulate sebum and the sebaceous glands.

In the mask - tomato acid having barrier properties because it is composed of antioxidants and antibacterial substances.

The main effect of masks:
- Deeply and thoroughly nourishes the skin without drying;
- Smooths the skin;
- It leaves no traces after cosmetic procedure, deep cleansing of the skin;
- Acids, which are made of tomato, help treat acne by acting as a natural antibiotic.

Klapp PSC Clearing Sebum Mask - The mask for opening pores sebum

 Top 10 best facial masks

A disintegrating agent which is used before a professional cleaning to soften the top layer of skin, as well as to remove the inflammatory cells and comedones. Mask deep cleanses the skin, prepares it for hardware or manual cleaning, ensure the maximum efficiency of the session. Due to the action of the mask cleaning is carried safely and easily, improves the complexion, the skin becomes fresh. Procedure based Klapp PSC Clearing Sebum - this SPA-cleaning, which combines high performance and comfort.

Courtin Mask with antiseptic tea tree oil - antiseptic for skin mask

 Top 10 best facial masks

This tool reduces inflammation, deep cleans and disinfects the skin and moisturizes and softens the skin and regulates sebum. The main component of the mask - kaolin, which is an effective means of porosuzhivayuschim.

Courtin mask is recommended for oily skin with acne and post-acne, as well as for combination and oily skin. It has an antiseptic effect. The tool can be used both day and night.

KLERADERM Collagen Mask Rejuvenating "Collagen mask" of wrinkles

 Top 10 best facial masks

Rejuvenator wrinkles, enhances the face oval, moisturizes and evens the complexion. Avocado Oil and Jojoba, Marine Collagen, Ginkgo biloba, sea minerals and fiber reinforcing Retinol skin, accelerate cell renewal, tone capillaries, improve microcirculation. The skin gets elasticity, firmness, natural radiance and smoothness. KLERADERM Collagen is recommended for all skin types, which shows signs of wilting.

Demax Mask of living collagen algae

 Top 10 best facial masks

This tool strengthens blood vessels and prevents them from further destruction, instantly soothes sensitive skin. It has a powerful moisturizing effect due to high hygroscopic properties, which makes it possible to restore skin elasticity. Skin tightening effect is observed after the first procedure: the depth of wrinkles is reduced, there is a sustained action for 5-6 days.