Black eye
 Probably, there is no woman who never would not have these bruises, most often they appear during the critical days and then spontaneously disappear. But some bruises kept for a long time.

The reason for this may be lack of vitamins, insufficient amount of sleep, fatigue, stress, heredity and diseases of internal organs. For example, they may occur in diseases of the kidney and heart.

Experts advise to all who leads the right way of life, however, suffered from bruises under his eyes, always consult a doctor.

More dark circles may be the result of allergies to pet dander, dust, pollen and certain foods. What allergies - can also find a doctor.

If the woman is healthy, and the circles appear often, the cause is most likely wrong in her way of life, in harmful habits. Bruises often appear on tobacco addiction and the tendency to relax after work with alcohol (in imitation of the heroines of various films).

 Black eye
   Another, and perhaps the most basic reason is that that modern women terribly overworked. Many of them are engaged in intense responsible work in firms and enterprises that eats them a lot of strength and nerves. Plus, coming home, the woman, instead of rest, starts to work again, this time doing housework. Time is not enough, and she takes it from sleep, lack of sleep, many become permanent. And in the morning back to work, and not rested woman tries to maintain the tone and rhythm of work given an increasing number of coffee.

Doctors advise instead of coffee drink green tea with lemon or mineral water with lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit juice. And there are whole citrus fruits.

Tired eyes and sitting at the computer. Experts advise from time to time to break away from the monitor, look to one side to another, up and down, much close your eyes, open, blink.

To get rid of bruises under his eyes, there are many People's ways .

 Black eye
 - Simplest
Wash, peel a potato, cut two slices and put on the eyes. Lie down with them in a dark room or curtained half an hour.

- The mask of butter
Melt the butter a piece of the (non-herbal supplements), moisten it a dense cotton cloth and apply on eyes for half an hour. Remains of oil cloth to remove and wash with cool decoction of parsley, but better to wipe eyelids with ice from the broth of parsley.

 Black eye
 - The mask of cucumber
You can apply for a type of potato slices. Or, grate half a cucumber, take 2 tbsp. spoon pulp, add a little heavy cream, so that the mass does not spread. Split into two parts, each piece wrapped in gauze and put on eyes for 20 minutes. Wash weak brew green tea.

- The mask of sour cream and parsley
Grind a small bunch of parsley finely, finely, take 2 tbsp. spoon pulp, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sour cream, mix well, divided into two parts, each wrapped in gauze and put on the eyes for 20-25 minutes. Wash slightly warm decoction of parsley.

- A decoction of cornflower
Buy at the pharmacy cornflower. 1 teaspoon boil ½ cup boiling water, cool, wet cotton balls in broth and put on eyes for half an hour. Wash is not necessary. Or to make a decoction of cosmetic ice Gulf it into molds and freeze. Ice rubbed his eyes every morning after washing and at night before going to bed.

Bruises may appear and what the body lacks oxygen, so bedtime is useful to walk for at least thirty minutes in the nearest park, the mall, or even in the yard with the dog, with a loved one, or even better - the whole family.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva