Get rid of acne - Action Plan
 These pimples appear at the most inopportune moment, and in prominent places. Can I prevent it?

The answer to this question is very, once you learn how to appear acne. A mechanism is very simple. Because hormones or because of too oily skin pores produced excessive amounts of sebum. It builds up inside the pores, it does not rise to the surface of the skin. There are dead skin cells, which also are not able to rise above the skin. This mixture of sebum and dead cells remain in the pores and in contact with the air is oxidized, acquiring black (hence the black dots in acne in the center).

Obviously, to get rid of acne can be as follows: to reduce the release of excess fat and effectively remove dead skin cells clogging the pores.

 Get rid of acne - Action Plan

Action plan

- Wash your face 2 times a day   a mild detergent to remove dirt, excess oil, makeup and everything else that may be on the surface of the skin and clog pores. You can use a soft sponge for more efficient purification of the dead cells.

- Do not use soap containing sodium bicarbonate, it deprives the skin proteins and lipids and cause irritation to dry, this leads to that the skin begins to excessively produce sebum, hydration replenishing lost.

- As a component, use exfoliating salicylic acid   (it should be part of your scrubs and cleansers). Salicylic acid has the ability to penetrate deeply into the pores and to clean them, "working", and it is on the skin surface. For best results and to prevent further contamination can be done so that the salicylic acid as long as possible remains on the skin surface, this suitable mask with salicylic acid (e.g., aspirin), during washing longer massage the skin with detergent to salicylic acid It not immediately washed off.

- Avoid scrubs with abrasive particles.   Exfoliating beads or plates may remain in the pores and deeply clog pores. Exfoliation using hard abrasive media to be too annoying acne prone skin, which leads to excess sebum (such protective reaction of the skin). At the same time, scrubs based on salicylic acid to exfoliate gently, without damaging the skin.

- Avoid heavy greasy moisturizer.   Many ingredients that provide a thick consistency - comedogenic, i.e. clog pores. Instead, give preference to light moisturizer with the gel texture.

- Avoid cosmetics with irritating ingredients.   As mentioned above, this leads to excessive fat separation. These ingredients may include components such as alcohol, menthol, peppermint extract, lemon extract and other citrus perfumes.

- Do not use patches to cleanse the pores.   For acne, they are useless and even harmful, because they refer to the so-called physical cleansing of pores (like the abrasive particles), only superficially clean pores and lead to the production of excess oils.

- Do not squeeze pimples! This will only open the pores allowing bacteria to spread, causing acne and infections. If you really want to remove blackheads, you can use (but not often!) A special tool.

 Get rid of acne - Action Plan

Before using, make sure your skin is clean. Then, within a few minutes, warm the skin of a warm towel, it will soften the skin. Place a tool for squeezing blackheads on the right place, and gently press down. If this is not easily obtained, then by this method should be abandoned, you only injure the skin in vain. After the procedure, clean the area with antiseptic skin. It is understood that the tool itself must be sterile.

- Collect excess oils from the skin.   Use a blotting paper, napkins. The skin should not have excess oils that clog the pores. Clay masks effectively eliminate oil.

And the main advice: Be patient!   Before you see the first results, it may take more than one week. Waiting unpleasant, but your efforts and perseverance will be rewarded. The skin will look better and you'll be much more confident.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin