Hormonal acne: the history of a successful fight
 They start unexpectedly, sometimes a few months for them not to mind, but it turns out they do not go anywhere, appearing again and again. And then everything starts anew: purification, treatment, abandonment of makeup ... This hormonal acne. They can take us in 25 years, and 40.

I read forums girls who shared their impressions. Many wrote that the acne keep in constant fear that will appear at the most inopportune moment. One woman wrote that her life just stops when suddenly there are hormonal acne, it does not go into the street, taking time off to work ...

Torment me know. Not to say that I was able to fully cope with the problem, but I'm always fully armed, and something I can advise you.

Our skin - a reflection of what is happening inside us. Nutrition, hormones, stress - all this can be "read" on the skin. Therefore, it is not necessary to deal with the defects of the skin only superficially. We need a comprehensive approach.

 Hormonal acne: the history of a successful fight
Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil - a real miracle oil for skin with acne. They should be used topically, i.e. directly on the skin. I put them on the night with a cotton swab. The oil is absorbed into the skin during the night, when the skin is restored. Do not be afraid of oils! And this advice is especially important for oily skin, oddly enough. It can not be too overdried, lack of oil on the skin - it is a signal for the skin to produce even more sebum, oily skin then becomes more oily, and the process of production of skin oils to curb difficult. Generally, the oil used for centuries, oil recipes passed down from generation to generation, to underestimate the oil is not necessary. Their use for hair and nail is not in doubt, right? But skin somehow we rarely resort to oil, but in vain.
- Coconut oil. It moisturizes, heals, restores, softens the skin, due to lauric acid, which is part of, it helps to align the texture of the skin, makes the skin smooth and fights free radicals.
- Tea tree oil. Natural antiseptic, reduces redness and irritation.
- Jojoba oil. Influences on the surface of the skin, regulates the production of skin oils.

 Hormonal acne: the history of a successful fight
If the main problem is hormonal acne - a hormonal imbalance, then the first thing to do - is to bring the level of hormones in order. If you do not have a regular menstrual cycle, then it is the first symptom that with hormones that something is not right. One of the easiest ways to normalization - hormonal contraceptives. There are also special additives regulate hormone levels. But they should be used only after consultation with the doctor, it is better not to engage in self-medicate!

I read a lot of reviews about the Forums supplements that contain extract of chaste tree berry. The extract from the fruit of the chaste tree is used as a normalizer produce female hormones. The girls write that in just two weeks thanks to additives, put in order their hormones. There are other options additives based on natural raw materials (sage, red brush, etc.), you can choose something for themselves.

Useful vitamins to the skin
Fish oil and any omega-3 acids, B vitamins, zinc and folic acid - a substance that improves the condition of the skin. Perhaps it is not easy - ensure that all these substances present in the diet. Therefore, you can use ready-made vitamin complexes. I like to take vitamins, along with them, you can drink enough water, drinking plenty of fluids Vitaminki.

Regarding the omega-3, these acids can be found in walnuts, soybeans, squash, fish and flaxseed.

Harmful for skin products
This trio is worth remembering. Three products that prevent the health of the skin and provoke acne:
- Caffeine. It dehydrates the body, and we need constant moisture.
- Milk. It increases the production of sebum. This yoghurt is useful for the skin because it contains probiotics and is easier to digest.
- Artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. They have no nutrients. It's just that store garbage in your body, and this debris will be released through the skin and affect blood sugar levels. Instead, choose natural brown sugar (raw honey, raw brown sugar).

 Hormonal acne: the history of a successful fight
 What to drink
Under the ban cow's milk. Alternatively, you can use almond or coconut milk. Water - this is what is required to drink. Moreover, a lot. 8 glasses a day.

Apple cider vinegar - another simple utility that helps with hormonal acne. Apple cider vinegar is a disinfectant that works in many ways, it is rich in well for us in vitamins and minerals, improves circulation, cleanses the body (due to the content of beta-carotene fights free radicals), helps burn calories and improve your metabolism and clears acne. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the body's Ph. The main question - how to take it? You can start with one tablespoon per day. For this amount of dilute in water in a ratio of 1: 3. Apple cider vinegar can be used and externally. It cleans the pores, revitalizes the complexion.

What is
Changing dietary habits give a significant result, if you are struggling with hormonal acne. I do not call to vegetarianism and the complete abandonment of the meat, but still try not to make the central meat products in its diet. Instead, go for fruits, vegetables and grains. This energy for the whole day, and excellent digestion.

 Hormonal acne: the history of a successful fight
 Cosmetical tools
For skin with acne necessarily pay special attention to cleansing. This is facilitated by just three mandatory product: antibacterial cleanser, scrub and tonic. In addition, pick the type of your skin: moisturizing cream, night cream and proofreaders.

To cleanse the face I use the line "Tea Tree" from The Body Shop. Then - daily scrub with salicylic acid, without abrasive particles. And tonic for people with vitamin C, without perfumes and dyes, tonic balances the natural moisture and protects against free radicals.

Here is my diet for the skin:
- Cleansing and tonic - 2 times a day, morning and evening.
- After the morning washing - moisturizer after evening - oil at night.
- Scrub - a day or every day.

I hope my experience will help you deal with the problem of hormonal acne.
Author: Your Tamara