New habits for skin
 We are confident that you and so do everything right in terms of skin care. But perhaps these new ideas as you like, and you take them on board.

New season - new moisturizer
Different seasons bring different problems for the skin, and these problems must be solved. So every season we change the care and the means to care. But if such things as scrubs and night serum may remain the same, the most important product - the daily moisturizer - just in need of correction. In the colder months, go to a greasy moisturizer in the summer switch to lighter texture: low-fat creams and lotions. In the offseason, combine light and heavy creams.

No pads!
At least for the face. Exfoliates skin better without pads and sponges. Why is that? There are too many opportunities for the bacteria. They accumulate in the washcloth. Frequent exfoliation is also best left in the past. Even delicate scrubs is not advisable to use it every day. Two times a week is enough. Otherwise, the skin is constantly irritated, because too frequent and intense exfoliation - a wound on the skin, microscopic scratches and breaks. You do not want to destroy the skin!

 New habits for skin
 Beauty from within
The skin condition affects the whole body, it's true. The skin is gray, rather dirty - then inside that something is not clear. Regular cleaning of the internal organs - a direct path to a clearer oval face and more radiant skin. Beautician Peter Lamas, founder of the cosmetics brand Lamas Beauty, advises to include in your diet are two main cleaning products - lemon and kiwi. Then, without unloading days the person will be more vivid.

Additional hydration
Hydrated skin looks young for a long time, the wrinkles on her barely visible. But the moisturizer is not always enough. Use all the ways to further moisturize itself. Good decision - a humidifier. It is particularly relevant in the coldest days of the year. But the summer will help, then you can not particularly monitor the amount of fluid intake, which is especially important for active and working women, after experiencing constant urge to visit the toilet room did not help in the work.

 New habits for skin
 For kofemanok
Slack doses of caffeine to the skin useful add here antioxidant effect. But the coffee dehydrates the body. Lack of moisture instantly affects the condition of skin radiance not wait. Therefore, if you drink coffee, each cup of this drink will have to compensate for the extra glass of water. The same can be said about alcohol. It also dehydrates, and every glass of wine or beer should drink a glass of water. That is, the extra volume of fluid necessary to 8 glasses per day.

Sun protection
If you have dark spots on the skin, the sun protection is doubly necessary. If you go out in the sun without protection, the dark spots on the skin will become more darker, they are first of all exposed to the sun's rays, and the contrast between the spots and the rest of the skin will only increase. Note that if you have dark spots on the skin.

Masks - wisely
Homemade masks - a good thing, but if you do not know how to act for you specifically some ingredients, it is better not to experiment, no matter how fashionable and popular no matter the recipe. For example, a well-known dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie, in his book Ā«Beautiful Skin of ColorĀ» tells of her own practice. She had a patient who practiced mask for skin with papaya, resulting face was literally burned by the acid contained in the fruit. The doctor writes that some acidic fruits more than others, and may actually damage rather than help the skin. Jeanine recommends three versatile ingredient for the safety of which you can not worry: oatmeal, aloe and avocado.

Do not rush things
Never should not expect instant results from some tools or procedures. For example, there are doctors who believe that the skin takes 21 days to get used to a new facility and take its effect. No result - that's no reason to be upset. Consider the fact that the salon treatment and professional cosmetics act differently, involving a stronger concentration of nutrients and therefore it is impossible to compare the results of chemical peels in the cabin and exfoliating scrub with fruit acids that you spend at home.

Change cucumber potato
Try to replace the usual slices of cucumber on the eyes - for potatoes. It works even more effectively against puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It cools the skin Tames blood flow that reduces swelling and unlike cucumber has stronger disinfectant properties. Potato starch has anti-inflammatory properties, and citric and phosphoric acid contained in the potatoes to help reduce swelling. It's better if potatoes lie down before use in the refrigerator an hour or two, then cut slices and place them on your eyes for 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin