Oil for the face: the most popular questions and answers
 Remember, most recently cosmetics labeled "oil-free" was presented as the best. But now we are on the positions that the oil is, in fact, is not bad for the skin, but on the contrary it can be called a real salvation.

Oil not only helps with dry skin, have a wide range of skin diseases of acne hyperpigmentation to which it is treated oils.

In recent years, becoming a very popular method of cleansing the face with oil, so-called "method of oil?" it is effective even for oily skin. You did not try? Read our author wrote about it on himself to try all & gt; & gt; & gt ;. And in this article we will try to answer the most common questions about oils for the face.

What is the oil for the face?
It is a product that consists entirely of only natural oils, liquid with a silky texture. Facial oil can be a combination of several various oils, but the combination may not be spontaneous, usually oil selected from products that are similar in origin (e.g., argan oil and avocado oil). Of course, put a layer of oil on the face - not quite familiar to many of us. But fast results from the use of oils for the face will not leave you in doubt and you will quickly get used to the ritual. Incidentally, the oil may be applied over the entire body and not only on the face. If you want to try it right now, take the usual olive oil and apply on the skin.

 Oil for the face: the most popular questions and answers
 Is oil is better than cream?
Oils moisturize more effectively than a moisturizer. Despite the fact that the creams have a smooth texture, oils, however, is better absorbed and rapidly absorbed by the skin. The oil penetrates deeper than a cream, it moistens two of the five layers of the skin, whereas the cream "operates" only in the top layer, the epidermis.

What is the use of oils?
Oils give your skin a powerful cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants. It gives the skin protection from the sun and free radicals, as well as further strengthening and antiseptic effect. Oil perfectly moisturize and retain moisture for a long time, simulate own sebum, which helps rid the skin of excess sebum production.

For those who need oil?
Oils are particularly relevant for dry and aging skin, suffer from a lack of collagen and elastin. For oily skin is also a suitable oil has a soothing and smoothing effect.

Do bad oil?
Best of oil - is one that is made out of pure oil and other plant components. If you have purchased oil with synthetic fillers, such oil is absolutely useless, it loses its effectiveness.

 Oil for the face: the most popular questions and answers
 Which oil is right for me?
Other oils "work" are different. Therefore it is necessary to know which oil from what helps. Note: Look for the best cold-pressed oil in them higher levels of nutrients than hot oils processing.

- From rosacea: avocado oil, it soothes
- From hyperpigmentation or discoloration: oils with vitamin C, such as pomegranate oil or avocado oil.
- For oily skin: lavender oil, it has a calming effect and antiseptic effect; pomegranate oil, it reduces pores.
- For skin prone to acne: add the butter serum with hyaluronic acid or glycolic also use oil instead of a moisturizer, it does not allow the pores to clog pores and rid of the fat content; Pomegranate oil is useful, it does not clog pores.
- To moisten: argan oil, it softens not only the skin but also the hair, rich in vitamin E; jojoba oil.
- From acne: argan oil.
- Dryness, cracking: coconut oil. Coconut oil can also heal the skin from within, try to add it to salads and pastries.
- Antivozrasnoy effect: jojoba oil, pomegranate (very high level of antioxidants).
- If irritation, redness of the skin: jojoba oil calms
- When the sun burns: coconut oil, marula (destroys free radicals).
Author: Vasilisa Cousin