Oily skin in summer
 Owners of oily skin is easier to survive the cold winter, but in summer it often brings disappointment. Firstly, glitters, secondly, it is almost always porous, and the pores summer frequently clogged with dust and dirt.

Therefore, oily skin in the summer is necessary to wash with soap and water. Better, of course choose a liquid soap. Water should be soft, at room temperature, better boiled. Hot water wash should not, as this leads to increased sebum.

Cold water, on the contrary pores. Oily skin useful contrast washing and compresses.

- Best peeling   for it is sea salt. 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with a little olive oil and using a swab in a circular motion gently cleanse the skin. Then wash and apply a moisturizing cream.

- Or this recipe 2 Art. Spoon the warmed cream, 1 tbsp. l. honey and 3-4 tablespoons. tablespoons of ground oatmeal, 2 drops of rosemary essential oil. All mix thoroughly and apply in a circular motion on your face. Wash first with warm water. Then wash cool or mineral water without gas.

- Soiled oily skin, covered with black dots, clean salt, mixed with a teaspoon soda . To do this, a cotton swab soaked in suds, dipped in the mixture for a minute and rubbed soiled place in a circular motion. Then wash cool boiled water and wipe the face with tincture of eucalyptus (available at pharmacies), diluted in water, 1 part of eucalyptus, five parts water.

- If a lot of acne on the skin, it is recommended to wipe it calendula tincture . ½ teaspoon to ½ cup of boiled water.

- Oily skin useful to wipe buttermilk and water podkislёnnoy lemon juice, cranberry.

- For degreasing areas containing the greatest number of sebum, using boric alcohol.

- It brings tangible benefits and rubbing of natural grape wine, diluted with water 1: 1.

- In the evening, after cleaning the skin should be cleaned with low-fat yogurt. After it dries apply night cream.

- For tightening pores skin rubbed with a slice of fresh tomato.

- Gives good effect mask   from sauerkraut with a few drops of oil. If the skin is thick, then add the oil is not necessary. Mask hold 10-15 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature.

 Oily skin in summer
   Every day, you can use lotions from natural ingredients .

- Aloe . Peeled and sliced ​​thorns aloe leaves put in half-liter jar, so that they fill the space of two fingers from the top to pour vodka half banks. Insist 7 days in a dark place. Strain. Breeding required to use part of the 1: 1 with boiled water and wipe the face.

- Herbal.   1 dessert spoon of horsetail, 1 dessert spoon yarrow, 1 dessert spoon of nettle pour 2 cups boiling water and boil for 20 minutes on low heat. Insist 2 hours. Strain, add 1st. spoon pharmacy alcohol tinctures of calendula. Wipe face lotion instead.

- When extended for tightening the skin pores apply a compress of mint and chamomile.
Mix 1st. mint leaves and 1st. spoon chamomile mix. Take 1st. spoon the mixture to fill up 1 cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain, moisten with broth in a piece of terry towels and keep on the face until it cools down, wipe the face with a piece of ice and then apply a hot compress. So 4-5. Finish the procedure by washing with cold water.

In hot weather, before applying to the skin nourishing night cream podkislёnnoy wash it with water or lemon juice salt table salt. After 20-30 minutes the cream rinse decoction of chamomile or parsley.

Day oily skin after applying the cream should be powder to dust and dirt did not score the pores.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva