Six night beauty products
 Night beauty ritual - perhaps the most important. And for busy women night - a real salvation. If you do not have time during the day to visit the interior, look to the masseur - a solution as to fill a gap in the care of themselves. This modern night products. Find out what is the minimum you need.

Hydrating Night Cream
Hydration - The first task in skin care, day and night. Look for moisturizers at night:
- Hyaluronic acid, powerful moisturizing ingredients
- Glycolic acid for soft peeling effect and brighter skin
- Vitamin A and other antioxidant-rich ingredients (green tea, grape seed, white tea), for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

Note creams with vitamin A - is mostly nocturnal, creams and serum retinol, too, retinol - is essentially Vitamin A. If you are over 35 years old, the night cream must contain anti-age ingredients, it will help prevent the early appearance signs of aging.

But remember that the cream can not do their job, if not to start "from scratch", that is, facial cleansing - the first important step in the night moisture.

 Six night beauty products
Night anti-wrinkle cream "Ekollagen 3D», enriched with hyaluronic acid; Intensive Night Cream 40+ SPF15 + Eveline «Retinol Prestige & Hyaluronic acid".

Night Eye Cream
Even if you sleep well, night cream for the eye area will help prevent under-eye bags and dark circles. The skin around the eyes is thinner, so conventional moisturizers for the face can be too heavy for the eye area.

 Six night beauty products
Regenerating complex for the skin around the eyes "24 Hours» ANEW on Avon (2 in 1 cream for the eye area); eye cream Lumene, Time Freeze.

Night cream for acne
Happy is difficult to hope that the creams will "work." After all, make-up, sebum and urban dust only clog the pores, and the main condition for the fight against acne - it's purity far. As night acne treatment creams to choose:
- Salicylic acid
- Benzoyl peroxide, or zinc.
Eight-six hours of such means is enough to deeply affect the acne.

Night Care Lip
First otshelushte lips fit the most simple compositions. If the skin of the lips is not very thin - you can apply the scrub on a soft toothbrush and massage the skin of the lips. You can simply and enjoy a clean and soft brush to exfoliate lips.

Then apply a lip balm overnight. You can instead use the purchased balm honey (a thin layer is sufficient).

 Six night beauty products
Scrub Lip Lush lip scrub

Night Care Foot
Soft heels - a luxury for a busy woman. Feet do not have time to deal with. Night comes to the rescue! Twice a week, after a warm bath and exfoliate calluses with a pumice stone seals. Then spread a thick layer of your favorite body lotion. Wear cotton socks on top. This care enough not to hide your feet in closed shoes. By the way, this procedure is suitable for your hands.

If you have a special oil for the cuticle - treat as often as possible, it will have the effect of a professional pedicure. Instead of purchased oil for cuticles, you can use any other vegetable oil.

Night Wrap hair
The most simple and effective - a hot oil wrap. Heat the oil in a water bath (preferably olive oil). Apply on the hair, wrap in cellophane and then - a warm towel. So go to sleep. In the morning rinse oil shampoo and you will not care unruly locks, split ends and lack luster. Just one night and as an effect of the spa.

You can do so. Wash your hair with shampoo. Apply conditioner. But do not rinse and go to bed with him (you can wrap your hair with a towel). In the morning, take a shower and wash rooms. No foreign odor (such as from oil), hair soft, docile and healthy.

Do not be afraid that you have no time at the salon! You have the whole night!
Author: Julia Shestakova