Spring, spring, flowering time ...
 "Good spring flowers in the garden,
Even better girl in the spring ... "
(A popular Soviet song)

Yes, indeed, touching tender as lily of the valley or lush bright as poppies and tulips, spring flowers are surprisingly good, pleasing look and soul. And, of course, and the girls are trying to keep up, because no one wants to look pale and dull on the background of blossoming nature.

Here are the laity, and do not realize how much effort and how much makeup sometimes is the tenderness and purity of color. After all, most of the ladies skin spring is far from perfect, and not happy health and freshness.

In the spring to the skin characterized by: dull, dry, weakness, pigmentation. To avoid these problems succeed unless the tselustremlёnnym and responsible ladies who have started to prepare the skin to spring from the middle of autumn, when she was at the peak of health. It is necessary to try very hard time to adjust's Skin Care in soottvetstvii with changing weather conditions, do not be lazy and systematically to feed your skin nourishing mask, moisturize all means available, follow the diet and in the winter months, when we have a deficit of fresh vegetables and fruits, to find alternative sources of vitamins and trace elements. Well, still, of course, lead a healthy lifestyle, sports, regularly walk in the fresh air, do not smoke and do not spend much time in the company of smokers (which is almost as bad as smoking), get enough sleep, etc. etc.

 Spring, spring, flowering time ...
   Subject to all of these items, surely, many spring skin problems could be avoided. But, alas, this ideal of self most of us can not accomplish. And, frankly, even all these conditions does not guarantee one hundred percent healthy skin spring. After all, her condition is largely dependent on the general state of the organism, and spring - time complex, goes the accelerated restructuring of the endocrine, digestive and other systems. Spring is often exacerbated by chronic gastrointestinal disease, even those that we do not suspect, and the skin, as you know, a mirror of the digestive tract. Depending on the condition of the skin and hormonal that spring is also changing.

Rectify the situation can and must act in many directions at once. If the skin is clearly poor, and the problems with it are accompanied by a deterioration of general condition, - the intestine is not properly performing its functions, stomach aches, or pancreas, pesters insomnia, mood swings, etc. - Choose the time and the struggle for healthy skin start with a survey by the relevant specialist (gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, dermatologist, etc.). But, in fact, engaged in rehabilitation of the skin do not stop!

In the spring, as well as in any other, it is important to carefully and gently care for the skin. Cleaning, nutrition, hydration, protection - none of these steps should not be underestimated.

Clean - a pledge of beauty
That the skin was smooth and clean, it must be promptly cleaned of dust, grease, sweat, dead skin flakes, clogging the pores and interfere with normal breathing of the skin, from the remnants of cosmetics. If your skin normally moves water, wash water, and can be better boiled. As a detergent for sensitive, dry skin can apply oatmeal or almond flour, they act as a mild scrub, cleans the skin without damaging it.

You can clean the skin and a special dressing milk or cream. These cosmetics are not only gentle way cleanse the skin, but also moisturizes it, soothe irritation. In the case of cream, butter fat, included in their composition, protect the skin, preserve and restore its own protective function. And the milk, cream and contain a variety of biologically active substances that trap moisture, regulate cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, improves skin elasticity, normalize sebaceous glands. All this is very important for the skin, especially in the spring.

After cleansing the skin (by any means), wipe the face tonic accordingly bought or prepared yourself from the marshmallow root, lime blossom, flaxseed. On a lightly damp skin, apply the cream in the morning - day moisturizing, night - nutritious night, after 15 minutes, remove the excess cream cloth.

 Spring, spring, flowering time ...
 Nourish and protect
Care products are selected individually, depending on skin type. But there are general guidelines for the spring. In the spring, it is desirable to apply an anti-stress cosmetics which restores good tired skin, restores its elasticity and freshness. The composition of such cosmetics include: vitamins A, C, E, collagen, panthenol, various acids and oils, as well as antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals.

Spring creams must reliably protect the face from ultraviolet radiation. The degree of protection should be high enough - not less than 30, and for problem skin, and 100. The consistency of the spring season are ideal light moisturizing creams and gels, emulsions and serum. To maintain the skin in the form of regularly make nourishing and moisturizing mask for the face, neck and decollete.

If the skin is not too overdried and dehydrated, it is useful to do steam baths for those with a decoction of herbs, then the nutrients of cosmetics are better absorbed by the skin.

Help protect the skin and give it a healthy well-groomed modern creams and powders. Tonal quality means not only evens the complexion and effectively camouflage imperfections, but also have caring properties: moisturize, nourish, controls the production of skin secretions, protect against UV.

From the salon procedures will be effective in the spring of mesotherapy and various professional mask, but to peel should be approached very carefully.

Soothe her thirst spring
Adequate hydration of the skin - the key to its long youth, while dehydration leads to loss of skin elasticity, causing premature aging. Along with various moisturizers, do not forget about moisturizing the skin from the inside. After the water enters the skin not only from the outside but also from the inside, through the walls of blood vessels. Drink plenty of fluids, strict rules here do not exist, the need for fluid is very individual, about 2 - 2, 5 liters of fluid a day. In principle, the body itself indicates to us the need to replenish water reserves feelings of thirst. Do not ignore these signals, or internal organs will take water from the skin.

Nature will take care of your skin
Spring changes in the nature, creating a stressful situation for the body and affect the skin, at the same time give us healing and means to combat these negative influences. This spring there are herbs and flowers rich in vitamins, organic acids and other bioactive components that can be successfully used for skin care.

It is a valuable tool for the skin - spring Birch juice . You can just wash it in the morning, you can do from birch sap wonderful facials, combining honey, egg yolk, aloe juice.

 Spring, spring, flowering time ...
 One of the first flowers that delight our eyes in the spring - bright yellow dandelions , Can also be an invaluable benefit to our skin. Lotions and masks of the dandelion is used for nutrition, hydration, bleaching and facial rejuvenation.

- Whitening Lotion dandelion
2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped young dandelion flowers pour two cups of boiling water, put on a slow fire. Remove from heat after 30 minutes, cool, strain and pour into a container. Lotion to wipe the face, morning and evening at freckles and age spots.

- Rejuvenating mask dandelion
A tablespoon of chopped fresh dandelion leaves pour 1 tbsp. spoon warm cream, add half the egg yolk. Apply the mask on the face, after 20 minutes rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

 Spring, spring, flowering time ...
 And how good blooming lilac   gardens in the spring, and because of its flowers, leaves and buds can prepare infusions that great tone, cleanse and disinfect skin.

- Lotion for oily skin
Pour half a cup of white lilac flowers glass of vodka, insist in a dark place. A week later, strain and push the raw material. Add to the resulting tincture 2 tablespoons of glycerine and zest of half a lemon. Before use, the lotion should be diluted with boiling water (1: 3). Clean oily skin morning and evening.

- The mask for dry aging skin   (nourishes and brightens the skin).
Mix the crushed flowers of lilac with sour cream in a ratio of (1: 1), apply the mask on your face. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm milk. This mask refreshes and brightens the skin and gives it elasticity.
Author: Olga Travleeva