Determine your skin type.
 Today, on the labels of cosmetic products are always precisely defined shooting the skin, for which it is the product is intended. This article describes the four types of skin with short indicative information for the care of each of them.

The skin covering the entire body, thus protecting it. It is made up of two main layers: the dermis - the deepest layer, it provides power to the epidermis (upper skin standing). The dermis is responsible for our tactile sensations, because in it contains the receptor network. The cells of the dermis form elastic fibers, which give resistance, flexibility and softness throughout our skin.

Epidermis - a coating layer. His feature - it is constantly updated. It is to him we owe the aesthetic aspect and the beauty of our skin. It is thin, since its thickness is an average of - 0, 2 millimeters. He is the stratum corneum, which, despite its subtlety, is as much as thirty layers of stacked cells, and which constitute a necessary barrier against external influences.

You have normal skin, IF:

  y your skin is no particular, excessive sensitivity.
  -You have no obvious skin problems, she shines and the pores are almost invisible,

Our advice:

Logically, you might think that your skin moisturizer unnecessary. In fact, all skin types need regular moisture because our skin is constantly exposed to various adverse external influences. If you want to maintain a perfect skin, use the product daily moisturizing your skin to help retain its moisture level and, as a result, her health.

You have dry skin if:

  -Your skin is easily irritated. She warmed up for no apparent reason, blushes, her sometimes appear the spots;
- You gently squeeze the skin between two fingers, and between them there are fine lines. The pores are tightened, they are barely visible.

Our advice:

You need, probably in moisturizers, but also nutritional and care products in the form of pleasant and oily creams that restore strength and balance your skin. Comfort (skin no longer "pulls") will be appreciated by you in a few days after use.

You have oily skin if:

- Your skin is shiny, it enlarged pores are open. You have clearly shown by the tendency to black spots, and often mature acne that you spoil life.

Our advice:   Make a preference for funds at the same time, retaining moisture and removes shine. Oily skin needs to be hydrated, but without a trace of fat.

Cosmetic product under the guise of non-fat gel exactly suited to your case. It will moisturize your skin to the depth of his special thanks to the active components, continuously absorbing excess sebum.

YOU mixed skin if:

- Your skin is oily areas, most often localized on the nose, forehead, chin and over dry areas - especially on the cheeks.

Our advice:

Use creams, especially for this type of skin. They dried fatty areas and moisturize the dry areas. To use a cosmetic make-up remover for dry bread sites. Apply after cleansing lotion for the most fatty areas of your face. Click care products that are both clean and moisturize the skin shine.