How to prepare your skin for microdermabrasion
 Microdermabrasion is based on the exfoliation of the dead, dead skin cells, by long peeling and vacuum treatment.

Peeling of the top layer of the skin with small crystals sound like a serious procedure, but microdermabrasion is quite simple and painless process. You can prepare your skin for the procedure, the results turned out to be as much as possible faster and more noticeable.

Step 1

Tell your doctor about all medications and care for the skin that you have used in the past month. Also be sure to talk about any chronic skin diseases such as eczema.

Step 2

Stop using any other exfoliants if soon going to make microdermabrasion. These products may prevent professional treatment. Wash with warm water to help open the pores.

Step 3

Sit in a comfortable position and make sure the blood flow to the extremities is not difficult your posture. Professional equipment is used to increase blood flow to the treated area due to their grinding, but your arms and legs should be straight, if you carry out the procedures to them.

Step 4

Buy all the required rehabilitation funds before and after the procedure. Most likely, the end of the session the doctor cause moisturizer, even in the evening so you do not have to worry about leaving. But then apply vitaminized ointment, sunscreen and moisturizer.

Step 5

Learn how this process will affect the condition of your skin in the future. Since the procedure is easy to perform and painless, it does not involve deep penetration into the skin to address the serious problems or remove the scars. Consider other options, such as laser surgery if your doctor thinks that microdermabrasion can not cope with the existing problems

Step 6

Try different cosmetic lines, if you plan to use a home microdermabrasion kit. Read the reviews and do not listen exclusively to the marketing descriptions. Ask for recommendations from friends and employees of the spa and do not be afraid to try a few cosmetic brands.

Step 7

Decide when you prefer to perform the procedure: in the morning or in the evening. If you need to apply makeup, try to move the session to poslerabochee time, as the use of cosmetic products should be avoided for about 12 hours. Pets sets in this regard have fewer restrictions.