Operation "clean skin"
 Causes of acne can be very different - from the banal to improper care and poor quality cosmetics to hormonal disturbances and demodectic mange.

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, we all want to look particularly bright and attractive, relaxed and confident, but what kind of confidence can we talk about if the face just at such a crucial moment suddenly jumped annoying pimple, and maybe more than one? You can certainly "cover up" the problem areas with a thick layer of foundation, mask using the powder or concealer, but it is - not the best means of escape from an intruder suddenly appeared on his face.

Rapid Response Funds

It is important to recognize the enemy in time, hardly there is a slight reddening of the skin, discomfort, swelling. In this early period can still suppress the incipient process simple and affordable means. Even a simple toothpaste printed on the possible source of trouble and dry, cleans the skin, and will not develop inflammation. Not bad helps to cope with the problem (especially in the early stages) ihtiolovaya ointment - It must be applied to the dot spot cotton swab and wash off after a few hours. If you do not scare the bad odor of ointment, in the home, this method is very effective.

It helps a lot of pimples oil Tea Tree - It should be applied to the dot spot several times a day.

Excellent tool for problem skin Apple vinegar - Enough to handle the looming dot pimple concentrated vinegar, and you will forget about this issue, at least for the holidays!

 Operation "clean skin"
 The cosmetic industry has not remained aloof from the problem of acne, many lotions, lotions, gels, various firms are designed to help us cope with it. If you notice at the tendency to such skin problems, should be warned beforehand and to have in their arsenal of tools such as a pencil against acne (such as Sans Soucis). Generally, these pens contain plant extracts (anti-inflammatory and soothing action) and zinc oxide (antibacterial effect). The tool is applied to a dot on the sore spot - disinfects, relieves inflammation and lightens the skin.

Preventive measures to combat

Prevention - the best way to solve any problems .  For successful prevention need to know their causes, and here's the rub .  Causes of acne can be very different - from the banal to improper care (leave the makeup on the face), and poor-quality cosmetics to hormonal disturbances and demodectic .  Therefore, it is important to make the correct diagnosis and then without the help of a specialist to manage difficult .  In most cases, especially in young skin rash appears elevated levels of hormones in the body .  Under their influence, increased activity of the sebaceous glands .  Moreover, scientists have argued that the level of hormones in acne may even remain in the normal range, but due to the high sensitivity of certain of their effects occur dishormonal violation .  Sebum clogs pores and there is a cork - comedo .  But the production of fat at this time continues due comedo it can not be displayed on the surface of the skin, resulting in a stoppered follicles (hair bulb) begin to develop bacteria .  The vital activity of bacteria causes inflammation and rupture of the follicle .  To win the inflammation, white blood cells rush into battle .  They devour harmful bacteria and products of their activities, but killed themselves, forming pus .

It also happens that pimples occur due to an imbalance in the gut. So, starting to struggle with acne, first of all, analyze their menu, maybe you should adjust the diet. Sweet, fat, coffee and black tea in this case it is necessary to limit and put in your menu, dairy products, green tea and natural (fresh) juices. Solve problems with your skin to help special courses cleansing and healing during which vigorously take vitamins (A and E), folic acid, laktobakterin, bifidumbakterin, vobenzim and other similar means. But what I am and what courses to take to decide a specialist, but a variety of yogurt, low-fat kefir certainly not hurt. We can assume workaround - heals the intestinal microflora, and the result - pure leather!

Often, skin rashes triggered by skin mites. This small parasite (demodex), lives in the skin every second person usually behaves quietly. But it is necessary to give up the slack body -with the fall of immunity, stress, the same problem skin - like a tick is activated and begins its destructive work, which is implemented in the painful and unsightly rashes.

So, if you are plagued by acne, acne:

• If this is not isolated cases - consult a dermatologist for help, correct diagnosis will allow to develop a strategy and tactics;

• properly clean the skin (lotions, foams, scrubs), and watch carefully so that the skin does not dry (equipment must be moisturizing and soft);

• a balanced diet - more vitamins, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, - less coffee, sweet, fatty, spicy foods;

• Pay close attention to the selection of cosmetics - can issue there, watch for a period of her life

• Gently apply antibacterial agents such as Zener, Skinoren and others. Podsushivaya skin, you find yourself in a vicious circle, being protected from drying out, it throws even more sebum, which provokes the appearance of new blackheads and acne. In addition to these facilities there is addictive and initially positive effect gradually goes to zero.

The enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours!

As you can see, pimples and acne, in case of persistent and prolonged appearance, are a challenge not only cosmetic .  It is important to develop the right strategy and actions to choose the most effective means to attract the experienced allies and conduct military operations in all areas .  If you have serious problems with the intestinal microflora, the treatment will be prescribed by a doctor, Gastroenterology, if it detects the presence of the mite - will treat dermatologist prescribing anti-parasitic and anti-allergic drugs, ointments and talkers, increase local immunity and promotes skin regeneration .  Well, beauticians offer a rational scheme of skin care, cosmetics and treatments such as acid peels, cryomassage, kislorodoozonoterapiyu, d`arsonval, steam baths and vacuum cleaning of the skin .  Pharmacies can buy these skin cleanser as Dercome aktiv (cleans the pores and does not dry the skin) Cleansing Gel firm Garnier (good cleans and refreshes), cosmetics Vichy (lotion for problem skin cleanses and moisturizes at the same time), daily scrub Clearasil Stayclear .  (Refreshing, stimulating cell renewal), clear gel for spot treatment of acne Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel by Clinique (not violate makeup, accelerates healing) .

As home remedies to combat this phenomenon can recommend various blends and infusions based on garlic.

To cleanse the skin: 5 g of honey and 5 g of glycerol, 20 g of garlic infusion of 2 g of borax, 60 g of water. Mix everything well and apply before going to bed every day after cleansing. The solution is fit for 3 days. Garlic is acting as a powerful antibiotic (kills bacteria), and stimulates blood circulation, resulting in the drying up of pimples and blackheads.

If the garlic, because of the specific odor, for you are too powerful weapon, you can try mask-based concoctions : Teaspoon of powder concoctions dilute hydrogen peroxide, apply on face for 15 minutes. Make a mask every other day for 1-2 weeks.

For the local application, you can use this recipe: in a tincture of calendula (100ml bottle) add 4 crushed pills chloramphenicol, shake well and apply with a cotton swab on the inflamed place for a night or a couple of hours before leaving the house.

The perfect tool healing problematic skin - clay Black and blue, mask on the basis of these clays podsushat and remove inflammation.

Useful for problem skin taken every morning before eating Brewer's yeast.   Start with two spoons and a week to bring their number to four. In two weeks you will see results that you can not fail to please.

Cleansing Mask for oily skin with acne:   1 cup crushed oatmeal add 1st. spoonful of baking soda, or boric acid. Before use, take the 1st. spoon the mixture, and mix with the warm milk until mushy state, put on the face, rub gruel all the problem areas where fingers will slide to wash off the mask with warm salt water.

We can conclude that the enemy (pimples and blackheads) persistent and insidious, but to deal with it is possible and necessary, but the reward will be a beautiful clear skin!
Author: Olga Travleeva