Star leg
 Stars. What are they like? They beckon and fraught with something unknown. We look at them with admiration, their beauty and inaccessibility fascinating. We have these powerful celestial bodies shared a lot of light-years. But we still dream just a little closer to them, touch them, and ... What? You are not interested in all this galactic romance? You do not want to hear about the stars and see them do not you? The problem is that the "stars" have you here, close, live on your feet and spoil your existence. What to take to the floor over the stars you associated with something distant and beautiful.

Unfortunately, these days varicose veins is a very common disease. He suffers every third woman. More than sad statistics. But you should not give up - you need to lift the legs higher and more often. Why - read below.

  Prerequisites for the emergence of such unpleasant diseases we have set. Or rather, we are faced with them every day. We wear shoes with high heels, which is so beautifully lengthens the leg and makes us taller. Tight clothing that highlights all our graceful curves. We love to sit leg to leg, and in terms of office life doing this for many hours. And all this we reimplemented "oxygen" normal blood flow. More we drink hormonal tablets, go to the sauna, and if we have a plus to all the above are overweight, it is absolutely necessary to our veins unsweetened. But if you just do not, it does not mean you're safe. A frequent cause of varicose veins is the weakness of the connective tissue. Thus there are various changes in the vessel wall, and develop chronic venous insufficiency. Also, it contributes to the disruption of the venous valves.

  The first symptoms are: heavy legs, pain, swelling, which usually resolves with rest (especially in the legs up position) and a night's sleep. If the disease progresses, there is a feeling in the legs heat cramps occur at night, there are venous "star". Later become visible dark blue gnarled, swollen intradermal veins.

  A terrible picture

However, varicose veins, like all diseases, prevention is better than cure. And if you do not see any signs of the terrible disease, but by the end of the day very tired legs, Loans prevention:

1.   If you have to for a long time to be in a static position, especially if you have a standing job (hairdresser, seller), do not forget from time to time, shifting from foot to foot (although better distribute weight evenly on both feet, but stand leaning one leg, somehow very convenient), or roll the foot from heel to toe.

2.   Do not wear tight things - first of all it concerns the laundry, it should not leave behind "tracks".

3.   Do not choose casual shoes sky-high heels.

4.   Try not to overheat and do not supercool feet. And both are equally harmful.

5. Coming home at night, put your feet up on the coffee table, wall TV, rest in this position for 10-15 minutes. It would be good to make the legs were in the raised position and at night. Put them under a high roller or a pillow, big teddy hare is also nice.

6.   It is useful to eliminate from their diet fat and refined foods. Add a fresh fruit and vegetables, and 2 liters of water a day.

7.   You can also be smeared with special creams and ointments. But if you already have serious problems, it is best to first consult with phlebologist.

  But all these methods are good only for prevention. And if the disease has manifested itself - come to the aid of traditional medicine.

1. Apple infusion It will not only help get rid of varicose veins, but also for insomnia. He also cleans the blood and improves appetite.

  Take 3 "Antonov" apple, rarely slices, put in an enamel pan and zaley one liter of boiling water. Cover the pan with a lid, wrap a blanket and leave for 4 hours. Then strain the infusion. Take a teaspoon mixed with a teaspoon of honey every day on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

  2.   It is useful to lubricate the diseased vein apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the evening (from bottom to top).

  3. packs of tomatoes   to help reduce inflammation and soothe the vein.

  We will cut the tomatoes into slices, put them on a protruding vein strapped bandage and wrap up warm feet. Hold compress, until you feel a slight tingling. After the procedure, rinse your feet cool water.

  4. On the linen cloth coat of honey, apply it to the area of ​​varicose veins, closed at the top with a thick cloth and secure with a bandage. On the first day post wrap for 2 hours in the second and third - 4 hours, and then - for the whole night.

5. To the disease has progressed   You can use an infusion of kalanchoe.
Take the leaves of Kalanchoe, run them through a meat grinder. This mass to fill ½ liter cans. Then pour a jar brim with vodka or diluted alcohol, close the lid, shake and put in a dark place for a week. After the mixture infusion, shake jar, allow to stand and strain (the remainder to press). In the evening, rub and massage the feet with this tincture (bottom-up). The course of 4 months, then a break for 2-3 months and repeat.

6. Compress mint.   Morning brew 2 tablespoons. l. mint broth of boiled water. And before going to bed wet broth two elastic bandage and wrap their legs up to the knee. Lie down on the couch and put a pillow under your feet. Hold compress need 20 minutes.

  Good tool to help deal with varicose veins is exercise.

These exercises - prophylactic.   They also help relieve fatigue and swelling after work.

1.   Standing, left the fingers, then his right leg lifted off the floor some soft object, perfect little toy.

2.   Move your body weight on your heels and move your feet like a "janitor" car.

3.   Sitting roll the foot tennis ball.

4.   Stretch your heels on the floor, lift the toes as high as possible and move them left and right.

  A set of exercises strengthens the veins, heals and prevents its expansion.

1.   Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. Alternately lift the leg at a right angle and lower. Makes 6 times each leg. It promotes blood flow to the legs.

2.   Lie on your back. Simulate cycling. Make four times for 10 seconds. It prevents stagnation of blood in the legs.

3.   Lie on your back, put your hands on the belt. Slowly raise your legs vertically with respect to the body. Do 5 times. This exercise is useful and hypotension.

4.   Lie on your back. Raise your hands up, take back, touch the floor with his head - a deep breath. Then bend the left leg, raise the trunk, wrapped his arms around the shin and knee pressed to his chest, chin to touch them. Pressing knee produce breath, straightening his legs - exhale. Makes 4 times each foot.

5.   Lie on your back. Splay and raised at 45 degrees legs (scissors). Do 5 times.

6.   Lie on your stomach. Mach bend and unbend your knees for 20 - 50 seconds.

7. Lie on your stomach. Pull the hands and lean on the floor with his fists at the hips. Alternately, lift the left and the right leg back and up to 50-60 degrees. Makes 6 times.
Author: Anna Winner