The level of humidity
 It would seem that the spring - a joyous occasion only: the sun shines in the sky, the snow is almost melted, fun rings drops, the birds are singing. Yes, for the soul of all, perhaps, well, except that in the offseason health, alas, do not brag. Biting wind, cold and lack of vitamins have done their job: desiccated not only our skin but the whole body, as if after a long and grueling journey through the desert. The situation is, of course, unpleasant, but in any case reparable. The main thing - do not let yourself wither and take care of proper hydration, both inside and outside.

Gentle hands

It's no secret that the hand - our calling card. But, unfortunately, not every one of us a beautiful, smooth and well-maintained "cards." Primarily, this is due to structural features of the area of ​​the body. In contrast, the skin contains a lot less hands of the sebaceous glands, and therefore has a thin and weak hydro film that protects the epidermis against aggressive environmental influences. Furthermore, in the skin of hands it contains little moisture - almost 5 times less than in the skin. Throw in the impact of detergents and other irritants - it is not surprising that our pens so often feel "thirsty."

However, hand care is quite simple and not time-consuming - is enough to observe the most basic rules. First, do not neglect household gloves when working around the house: whether it is washing, cleaning or washing dishes. They should also work with the land, such as transplanting potted flowers. Secondly, do not forget to clean your hands properly. This means not only the traditional hand washing throughout the day, but peeling (removal of dead cells) is not less than 1 time per week. And finally, most importantly - in the morning and in the evening be sure to use moisturizing and nourishing hand cream.

The result is obvious

If winter base skin care - food, the spring in the first place there is moisture. And our task is to prepare for warmer weather when the skin loses moisture, and with it its protective properties.

Attention is drawn to the so-called cream "24 hour hydration." Operating on the principle of a water network, they are "trapped" moisture in the air and uniformly deliver it to each portion of the skin. A good alternative can be a special cream serum or gels. After all, the thicker consistency of cream, the worse its penetrating ability. A weightless liquid serum or gel texture instantly absorbed, and all necessary substances - vitamins, minerals and amino acids - reach deep into the skin. The structure of the most effective means includes hyaluronic acid, which significantly moisturizes, softens the skin and is an excellent prevention of aging.

Body - Time and fun - an hour

Of course, most of all body skin is protected from harmful external influences (dust, wind, temperature), and hence from drying out. However, the constant rubbing of clothing, and in addition is the same lack of vitamins make our rough elbows, shoulders, dry, and rough knees. Therefore, the body, like the face and hands, also in need of moisture.

First of all, you need to choose an effective moisturizer for the body. Well, if a cream or lotion contains shea butter, avocado or almond karite that perfectly moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Glycerol, of course, also is a required component of the dampening agent. He, like his close relative - propylene glycol, on the skin surface creates a thin plenochku, thereby retaining moisture within and not allowing it to evaporate. But an additional advantage would be if the label of a cream you will find the words "contains hyaluronic acid."

Moisturizer should be applied after a shower or bath. Moreover, the water should not be too hot - long bath procedures deprive the skin of natural fatty substances and drain it. Best of all, the water was warm, and the procedure - short. If you just can not do without the bliss in the bath, the water is not added to the salt or foam, and essential oils that help moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. Gourmets recommend taking a bath with rose petals, which contain rose oil is incredibly useful.

Eyes on the wet spot

No wonder that our eyelets got from the spring and its eternal associates: beriberi, wind, sleet .  Moreover, suffering from thirst not only the skin of the eyelids, but they themselves often experience dryness of the eyes, as if they poured sand or hit mote .  And if in the first case is pretty obvious how to overcome "drought" (apply a moisturizing eye cream - and be done with it), the second - is not so simple .  In order to avoid the so-called syndrome of "dry eye", require qualitatively different means of eye care - hygiene blefarogeli allowing just "kill two birds" .  T . e .  They possess not only cosmetic and hygiene, but also medicinal properties .  In particular, they eliminate the redness and discomfort such as skin dryness or eye fatigue .  And, thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract, blefarogeli improve the structure of the skin, improve its elasticity, and even clean fine lines .  In addition, it is a good prevention of barley and inflammatory diseases such unpleasant century as blepharitis .

And finally ...

As you know, beauty comes from within, so in addition to external procedures need to take care of the internal state of our body:

• First and foremost, drink plenty of fluids: about 8-10 glasses a day.

• Include in your diet foods rich in vitamins and amino acids that improve nutrition and hydration of the whole organism.

• Keep humidity in the room. Put in a room with a basin of water or pots of green plants - that will help the body feel comfortable. It is also worth to buy (if possible) a special humidifier, which maintains optimum "climate" in the room.

• And finally, try to fall in love! It's the most effective way to stay healthy and attractive. Even in the spring.
Author: Anastasia Meyer