90-60-90 or all scales lie
 When I sailed all so pleased after the release of the office, the words of the ice water cooled my enthusiasm: "How can you have recovered for a vacation! ". These are on. And a good mood, whatever happened. He waited until the chief retires from the office, colleagues began to ask, not really something really gained weight? Their verdict was disappointing. And holiday I holila and cherished in my mind, collapsed in an instant into that same abyss, where the scales showed me the difference between my kilograms. For one miserable month I managed to gain far more than a thousand calories, and in front of me for the first time got the following question: "How to lose weight? ".

After listening to the advice of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, I decided join the pool . All vied claimed - herding water excess fat. Well, I went to drive. I signed up for a month of unlimited visits and went to swim in the morning and after work. It received a total of two kilometers a day. A month has passed - a shift in the balance was not.

Now I consult your Internet sources. Most of them are solid - good nutrition - is a guarantee of weight loss. I start to count calories, eat only healthy food - it turned out to be vegetables, fruits and some cereals (in the words of one of my friends, "Cholesterol - he sweetie!"). I waited another month. My disappointment knew no bounds - the scales again shows the same mark as that after the pool.

"We need to play sports! "   - I thought. No sooner said than done. Acquired massage hoop, who promised relief and calories (even more than after sport!) And body massage. With him began to shake, and the press ... And what do you think was the result? Again - zero!

 90-60-90 or all scales lie
 You probably ask, what should be done and that really helps to lose weight? Only a great desire and a set of exercises! Exercise, proper diet and consumption of products. Do not get up in the morning to eat your favorite chocolate, and afford it once or twice a week, and in the morning - to stock up on energy for the day.

Summing up his own experience, I have come to the following conclusions:

1. To reset the 1-3 kilograms help aerobic exercise . Now, for example, it is very popular aqua fitness. From simple swimming in the pool it is different in that you will be given special gloves, flippers and a belt that will keep you in the water. In this case, a dress you have to perform more and exercise. Plus - and you swim in the water, and will not be sweating.

 90-60-90 or all scales lie
 2. Eat moderately. Russian people are used to having to load up, as they say, from the belly, but it is wrong. After the meal, you should be a slight feeling of hunger . If you do not feel so everything that you eat after saturation, it took into fats. Listen to yourself and decide if you should have one more fried chicken leg, and still not worth it.

3. Drink water!   No, there is no juice, tea or lemonade, but most ordinary water! At least eight glasses per day. What for? Did you know that one glass of water flushes as much as 62 calories? And the juice in the same quantities only adds. Not less than 50!

4. Keep an eye on the products! Or rather carefully read their contents . What are the ingredients: what nutrients and what not (many of them are defined by the letter E). Do not become a victim of advertising. Very often that is constantly broadcast on television leads to obesity!

 90-60-90 or all scales lie
 5. Arrange your body a rest!   Suppose you are sitting on a diet and restrict your diet. Once a week you need to give yourself a break. After all, there is still a whole six days to torment himself for the hated kilograms!

Oh, and one more thing. It is important to understand that it is necessary not just to lose weight and burn fat. Therefore, before the hunger strike, and enhanced training, consult a dietitian first. Maybe with a weight you all right, you just do not understand?
Author: Larisa Trishkina