Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming
 They say, the easy way to harmony does not happen. To see in the mirror a beautiful, healthy and fit body must work hard. Exhausting low-calorie diets, intense exercise, painful remedial massages and hot packs sweatshops - is only the beginning of a long list of procedures for obtaining the ideal figure. And few know that the recipe "easy weight loss" for a long time and found it - aromadieta.

American psychiatrist Alan Hirsch has long studied the effects of odor on human behavior. In some experiments, it was brought there the aromas that can convince a person to give up a meal or unplanned early saturation contribute a minimum of food.

Similar studies were conducted as a professor at the University of Raudebush Willing Virginia. According to his research delights, a man breathing "cool" the smell of mint before meals, on average consumes eighteen hundred calories less during the week.

It turns out that it is enough to inhale the pleasant aromas while losing weight!

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

The first step on the path to harmony or do we start?

After just as you expressed a desire to start a new life without a gram of excess weight, you should immediately begin to act. The first thing that needs to be done at the initial stage - to get a small collection of fragrances.

Incense for weight loss should be selected according to your preferences. Breathe in the scent of the proposed and carefully listen to yourself. What do you have of this smell? Does it seem to you it enjoyable? Would you like to experience it again? These questions will help identify flavors that will be most effective for your particular weight loss.

Your collection may consist, as the aroma from natural sources - ie, spices, herbs or fruit, and with the smells of prisoners in bottles - ie aromatic oils.

Step Two - study proposal

Mint - a breath of wind

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

Apart from the most anticipated action mint on your body, that is, assistance in losing weight, flavor peppermint also has other useful for you and qualities. Sessions fragrant delights remove everyday fatigue modern rhythm of life, get rid of irritability and nervous tension, heal headaches and nausea, as well as will give wonderful moments of sweet dreams.

Grapefruit, pepper and fennel - that unites them?

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

According to numerous experiments conducted on a group of volunteers consisting of people with a tendency to "curvaceous" above smells burn fat just in the literal sense of the word! Due to stimulation of specific substances in the human body, the natural processes of digestion of fat is much faster, due to which the subject is losing weight steadily.

The uniqueness of these odors so effective that the Japanese company Shiseido began manufacturing tools based on them for spot body correction and modeling of the figure as a whole.

Cinnamon and vanilla - unrivaled flavors of childhood

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

Worldwide recognizable smells of cinnamon and vanilla. In terms of weight loss, they have the properties of appetite lock and traction control to all sweet and starchy foods. Somewhat unexpectedly - you might say ... and begin to lose weight.

Gifts of Nature or fruit obsession

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

Who among us can resist the scent of ripe apples, peaches or bananas? American scientists are convinced, if you surrender fruit aromatherapy session, your appetite will decline, convincing you that instead of harmful for your figure of chips or crackers is better to eat something useful, for example, the same samples of fresh fruit. However, without abuse, ladies and gentlemen - you are still on a diet!

Such "Slimming" properties are also smells of citrus: grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, orange and lime.

The third and final step - doing everything on technology!

 Aromadieta - easy recipe slimming

To breathe the pleasant perfumes and lose weight - should comply with certain technology. Smell the needed daily for twenty minutes before each meal.

Start an aromatherapy session with pleasant mood. Concentrate on breathing breastfed. Close the right nostril with your finger, left at the same time make a couple of deep breaths, enjoying all the charm of favorite flavor. Then repeat with the other nostril.

To make the process of losing weight does not stop for a minute, favorite magazine tells a great solution. Get aromakulon to which you can attach a small piece of fabric impregnated with the desired aromatic oils, and wear it as a stylish accessory.

Constantly inhaling odors for weight loss, you say goodbye to excess weight more quickly, according to Natalie and wished speedy finding your dream figure!
Author: Natalia Bartukova