Extreme weight loss - "sew up" language
 As you know, for a woman of beauty and a slim figure are capable of much. One of the new and rather extreme methods of weight loss - "sew up" his tongue. As much as you may want to eat a chocolate muffin or a piece of fried chicken, it is simply impossible.

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The author of an innovative method of losing weight is a plastic surgeon Chugey Nicholas (Nikolas Chugay), who works in Beverly Hills (USA). Mr. Chugey four years ago, "put an end" to the willpower of women and offered an extremely thin. This author's method of weight loss is that the language is sewn a piece of plaster, making the process of eating extremely painful.

 Extreme weight loss - "sew up" language

The patch is made of polypropylene - hard material used for the healing of hernia. A piece of plaster (about the size of a postage stamp) is sutured to the language of a six stitches.

 Extreme weight loss - "sew up" language

Because the solid food a person has simply can not, he has no choice but to eat only liquid porridges, soups and drinks.

The method works - for the month of torment can lose up to 14 extra kilos.

Period - a month!

However, to correct the figure of a man is given a month. If you go with a band-aid over this period, he will begin to grow into the language.

The question of what happens after breaking up with a patch - on the conscience of the patient. Or think better of it, and, mindful of the sufferings, changing your diet, trims and begins serving less kind to the culinary delights. Or back to square one - the long-awaited gastronomic delight freedom, overeating, nutritional breakdowns, etc.

 Extreme weight loss - "sew up" language

Just digits

According to reports a new method of weight loss have tried a thousand women who want to lose weight - about 100 patients from the US and 900 ladies from Venezuela.

The point, apparently, not only in psychology and a desperate desire to leave venesuelok fat on the abdomen and thighs, but also in the issue price. The fact that the operation cost in Venezuela about thirteen times cheaper. If you will have to pay US $ 2,000, at the reception of the Venezuelan doctor - a total of 150 "green".

And if you think? ..

It should be noted that the trouble delivers not only the operation and the pain of the movements of the tongue after the patch is sewn. Another problem is that patients are experiencing some difficulty with speech. And, indeed, some men give to this side effect - in addition to the figure they postroynevshey "bonus" receive more taciturn companion. And no complaints, accusations and spent his youth in a continuous buzz, "both Uhahah."

 Extreme weight loss - "sew up" language

Another trouble that may occur after sewing patches - some sleep problems. It is understandable - just moved his tongue, and then anguished "prick."

It is surprising in this whole situation is not even "perverse imagination" American surgeon. Once a woman for the sake of a slim figure are ready to transfer the burdens of the operation and lose the opportunity to speak normally, as well as losing sleep and have no opportunity to enjoy even useful products (fruits, vegetables, etc.), is not it better to negotiate with them to change the diet ?. . Even the plaster in the language - it's not a panacea. Will return the old diet - and come extra weight. Maybe try to do something for your figure today without extreme measures? For example, at a fast pace to go a couple of blocks, put less sugar in a cup of tea instead of sausages to cook chicken and vegetables in a double boiler. But you can talk to your heart's content and turn language. And no extreme!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya