How much physical activity should be a woman?
 This issue is of concern to many who decided to make his life more active, as well as those who want to lose weight. How much time should be spent on physical exercise we women?

For those who are starting from scratch

So you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and decide to do fitness. With a load to start? The advice is simple: 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. It does not matter how you use these 20 minutes - they can be divided into 5-minute sessions throughout the day.

This load will help the body to be in good shape, without the risk of injury. But this is only the beginning. If you need to be drastic changes and results, you have to engage in more intensive fitness.

For those who want to be on our toes

If you want to strengthen the body and muscles, and not just a little warm up, it is necessary to have a substantial load. Just to maintain the results, we recommend 2 hours 30 minutes training during a week. And for a change - even more.

Men gain muscle mass faster than women. Therefore, we, due to low testosterone levels, will need more time to achieve results. Each month we turn out the order of 0, 5 kg of muscles, doing three times a week demanding workloads, such as cycling, jogging, working on the simulator. If you want to increase muscle mass faster, you will have to train 4 times a week.

Warning: if you are doing a very intensive types of training between them should always be a day or a day with the least intense exercise to give muscle relaxant. Daily strenuous workout can do the opposite effect: you will lose muscle mass if you do not increase your calorie intake and energy. This is professional sports load, which is not appropriate for the purposes of weight loss or maintaining the form.

 How much physical activity should be a woman?

For those who want to lose weight

If we consider that each activity helps burn about 300 calories, in order to burn 3500 calories, you will need 12 workouts, and this will mean that you lose 0, 5 kg of weight. It provided that the full power remains as it is. But if you combine exercise with diet, weight loss results will be faster.

For good results in weight loss, it is necessary to try to exercise at least 200 minutes per week. They can be divided into moderate load every day, or - more intensive training as running or trainers three times a week plus a half-hour cycling or swimming in one of the weekend.

Remember that 200 minutes - a benchmark for active people. If you start to exercise after a sedentary lifestyle, it is enough to start with 50-60 minutes a week to avoid muscle soreness or injury. For quick and drastic weight loss   have engaged in fitness from 300 minutes per week.

These are the kinds of loads are suitable for weight loss:

- Moderate aerobic exercise. These include brisk walking, swimming.

- Vigorous aerobic activity. It is running and aerobic dance.

- Strength training. They include work on simulators, rock climbing, weight lifting, abdominal exercises.

To maintain muscle tone, as well as to consolidate the results of weight loss after the required 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic exercise. You can also combine moderate and vigorous load. The main principle - to distribute classes evenly throughout the week.

If you want a flat stomach, it is usually 3 workouts per day saved. Daily abdominal exercises are not proven to be more effective. Remains of advice: always start training with exercises at the press, do not leave them in the last minutes of the workout. Overall, strength training should not be a separate training for women is a male occupation. Strength Training for us - it is just an element of training, and it can be present at each session, or at least twice a week.

Moderate aerobic activity can be carried out and every day. For example, it may be walking 10 to 30 minutes a day. The main principle - regularity.

 How much physical activity should be a woman?

Example loads a week, if you want to lose weight much

Wednesday:   30 minutes of high-intensity running, alternate medium. 1 minute running at the highest speed (as fast as you can), then a 2-minute walk away. And so on. This leads to a loss of 320 calories. Plus 30 minutes - a set of exercises with dumbbells. Losing 100 calories.

Tuesday:   60 minutes - kickboxing classes, the loss of 550 calories

Wednesday:   45-60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise program - the loss of 342 calories.

Wednesday:   60 minutes of yoga, the loss of 170 calories

Wednesday: 45 min run (on Monday), the loss of 480 calories.

Saturday:   30 minutes training with dumbbells in the upper part of the body, loss of 150 calories.

Sunday:   output

Total time:   315 minutes per week.

Estimated calories:   2112
Author: Vasilisa Cousin