How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?
 Remarkably, if you since childhood instilled a love for the sport, and now you effortlessly do daily exercises, running or gym. But there are of us, those who are still at school kindled hatred for physical training, including their punishment or, at best, a waste of time. Is it possible to convince the opponents of physical activity and make friends with their activities?

Many of those who does not like sports, lead a sedentary lifestyle. Jog or run several exercises, not to mention the visit to the gym - for them seems prohibitively difficult. Although the benefits of sport and the importance of them is well known to make friends with them, they are in no hurry. The reasons for that are different:

- Complexes concerning appearance,
- The fear of getting hurt,
- The state of health in which physical activities are heavily
(obesity, high blood pressure, weak heart and so forth.)
- Too strict and harmful physical education teacher ...

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

But, perhaps, the most common explanation for hostility to sporting activities - is notorious laziness. However, closer to the sport is not too difficult. It is important to understand why you need it?

Outline specific purpose

Before you go in for sports, many define several goals: to improve the shape, lose weight, improve health, the splits and so on. With this lack of specificity, and the motivation of a serious attitude on the result of rapidly disappearing. So to start better to choose one goal   - The highest priority for you. Only after its execution can proceed to the next on the list.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

Try to avoid uncertainties. The aim should be different clarity and concreteness For example, not just "should lose weight" and "lose weight during 3 months at 5 kg". Formulate it is necessary not only mentally, but also on paper.   And the more often it will loom before you, the better, so you can hang paper describing your aspirations in prominent places in the apartment or in the car.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

The goal is not to scare you with its unfulfilled, it is not worth as much as possible to complicate. Let it be quite real and quite easily doable.   Due to the long absence of the desired result of your friendship with the sport can be completed quickly, without having how to begin. In order not to disrupt the schedule, Set a small conditions "I will take a morning shower just after a small charge", "see the show only after walking or jogging," etc.

Find support

If one of your goals but you do not know what it can be easy to lose or postpone indefinitely. Tell it to all family and friends, and then you will have to fake complicated. The more people know about your goal, the greater will be your responsibility to all. A good way - to get LJ page in social networks or forums where you could share your progress and results.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

Friends and relatives can be involved not only as passive observers but active participants. With good company, even unloved activity suddenly becomes more fun and interesting. If among your environment is not willing to support you, then choose the types of physical activity, the proposed activity in group fitness, dance, aerobics and so on.

Choose alternative

For most people, physical activity is associated only with classes in the gym or at the stadium, where the need to achieve the results laid out in full. But there are plenty of other close to the sport events which do not require enhanced load. They can be a great alternative for those who are not like weight training and fitness.

Here are a few types of physical activity that can be practiced with pleasure and without much effort:

Hiking.   For starters, you can choose a simple route for 1-2 hours with short stops every 10-15 minutes. It is always important to follow safety rules and were not allowed to march alone on an unknown territory.

Walking.   Needless to allocate this special time. You can walk before or after work, taking the child out of kindergarten, before or after a trip to the store, etc.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

A trip on horseback.   Communication with horses - is not only a great alternative to training in the gym, but also a huge emotional positive.

Basic yoga or pilates.   This kind of physical activity do not include active movements and heavy loads. Deal with them is not only useful, but also pleasant.

Bike ride.   For some countries, the bicycle has become a forced means of transportation because it's great saves from congestion and pollution. It is also a great exercise trains the muscles of the legs and helps to fight obesity.

Dog walking.   Having got four-footed friend, do not make regular walking is difficult. It is important not passively watch the naughty pet and try to participate in the games and jogging.

Dancing.   Those who know how to dance beautifully, will always be in the limelight. Carried away dancing lessons and your partner that will be a great way to refresh your relationship and add to their romance.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

Outdoor games.   All who have young children, are unlikely to suffer from a lack of activity. Toddler will always find what to do with themselves and their parents. But there are options for active adults and fun games that do not require complex physical activities: peytnbol, bowling, golf and others.

Swimming.   All we were before birth in water, so most of us just love to swim, even if you do not know how to do it. Learn it is never too late and very nice.

Alternatives exercises in the gym a lot. And everyone can find what is right for him. The transition to this sports training should be gradual. Before it is advisable to consult with an experienced instructor, who bears no resemblance to the harmful physical education teacher. It will help you to choose a set of exercises, taking into account your wishes and physical data.

 How to make friends with the sport to those who hated him?

Do not start with large loads, but let them become regular exercise (at least once a week). It is important that the process is fun! Most think that your sport of great benefit to your health and appearance.

Friendly sports you!
Author: Albina Rogov