Marafet sports
 Make-up in the gym - it is not a mandatory attribute. But there are women who do not present themselves without a make-up in a public place or simply do not have time to wash off makeup before sports. For such cases, there are a few simple tricks and recommendations, which we'll talk.

It is known that during intense exercise, a large amount of sweat, which is usually under the influence of makeup can not stand and turn into unattractive mask on his face. Therefore, if possible, from the makeup before going to the gym is better to refuse. Experts do not recommend to apply makeup before playing sports more because under intense sweating pores get clogged, and create a favorable environment for the development of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, which in turn cause the appearance of pimples and irritation of the skin.

 Marafet sports

But as a rule, many of the fair sex, I would rather die than appear in the gym without makeup. It is for these experts and have developed a number of useful recommendations.

1. Lightweight and waterproof

First of all, during sports should use waterproof cosmetics. In this case, much more likely that she was under the influence of sweat does not flow and is not smeared. In addition, it should be very easy, because the heavy makeup, likely will score the pores. Come to the aid of the latest generation cosmetic products that are based on silicone. Silicone molecules are too large to get into the pores. In addition, such cosmetics is always waterproof.

2. Skin protection

Unfortunately, not all women have skin perfectly smooth. It is often the main reason that they can not come to the gym without causing several special funds, concealing certain defects. But there is an easier way to get the desired effect, which will last a long time. To do this, take a masking agent for the skin and mix it with an ordinary moisturizer. It can be applied in a small quantity at the trouble spots. Plus, this means - in its lightness and stealth in any light. In addition, you can use only matte or moisturizer.

 Marafet sports

Girls with oily combination skin prone to acne, dermatologists do not recommend the use of cosmetic oil-based. It is better to choose means of special series, selected under their skin type. If sporting activities are held outdoors, it is advisable to put on a face cream containing SPF, this will help prevent sunburn and to preserve youthfulness of skin.

3. Easy Eye

With mascara in any case can not overdo it. It should be natural, black or brown in color and, of course, waterproof. Woman with green or blue lashes in the gym will look out of place. A waterproof means ensures that after a few minutes of training under the eyes appear black horrific divorces. It is not recommended to use eyeliner to the eyelids, as well, and a pencil, because careless wave of his hand during class can be rubbed all over his face. If all the same and eye smeared, then clean them with a damp cloth can be a special makeup remover, then this area is desirable bit of powder.

 Marafet sports

4. Without the basics

Make-up for the gym must be light and easy. It is necessary to forget about heavy foundations and choose a light, non-greasy moisturizer. The primer is applied directly to him, and always in small quantities. This step will help prevent subsequent slippage cosmetics.

5. The naturalness of the lips

On the lips, experts recommend to put lip gloss with UV filters and organic oils. This will protect the lips from drying out and cracking. It is advisable to choose a light, natural shades such as coral or pink, because most likely when wiping sweat means for lips smeared. The ideal option when going to the gym becomes colorless moisturizing lip balm or plain petroleum jelly.

 Marafet sports

6. Modesty decor
When doing any kind of sport is not recommended to wear big earrings, you can catch the hand and very much hurt the ears. Bracelets, Necklaces will also look irrelevant in the gym. It is desirable to restrict specific hours or synthetic bracelets. Jewelry and precious decorations during active movements may just simply break down, so they need to be removed beforehand.

After a workout, regardless of whether there is on the face of cosmetics or not, you must be sure to wash with cold water, it will prevent the appearance of acne.
Author: Albina Rogov