Six yoga poses for headaches
 Headaches suffered by most women, unfortunately it is a fact. Moreover, in recent years it called a purely feminine malaise. This is me to that talk about all the "charm" of the headache is not worth it for anybody it will not be news. But immediately run to the pharmacy for pills - do not advise. Before taking drugs, try my method.

I recommend to try these six simple yoga poses that really helps with headaches. Of course, the cause of the pain may be different, but in most cases, the pain caused by tension in the neck, shoulders, back pain. Therefore, we will need postures that help to gently stretch the area of ​​concern, how would open them and help the blood to circulate properly, doing the head. Someone help one of the proposed position, and someone will need to perform a few. Try! I hope you, like me, you get to deal with the headaches without the aid of pills.

Six yoga poses for headaches:

1. We operate on the neck

Tension in the neck is often the cause of headaches. This was confirmed by those who spend much time sitting at a computer, or even occupied by sedentary work (seamstresses, embroiderers, etc.). If you find the time in between to do this simple exercise, you can say goodbye to the annoying pain.

- Sit on the floor with your legs crossed in front of him. You can even sit on a chair, legs at the same time deliver exactly shoulder width apart.
- The right hand pull to the right knee, or lower along the right side of the chair (if you do the exercises sitting on a chair).
- Put your left hand on top of the head.
- If your right hand to hold on to the knee or a chair, not just to lower, then it will help to avoid neck strain due to the habit.
- With his left hand, try tilting your head to the left, is a pleasant feeling of stretching the neck muscles. Approximately 30 seconds. You can resist the head, then the exercise will be more effective. Slowly return to starting position.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

Then repeat the same things in the mirror.

2. Pose dog
This posture helps to move the load on the wrists, relieving the strain of the forearm. Also, stretched upper back. It is important here correct breathing, and the head should hang freely between the shoulders. Different practices of yoga pose called the "dolphin" or "Puppy".

- Down on his knees with his hands on the floor. Wrist-width apart and knees hip-width apart. Inhale
- The elbows lower to the floor. Lift the hips and exhale.
- Try to pull the heels to the ground to stop completely flat on the floor. Feet parallel to each other.
- Put your head between your shoulders, neck completely relaxed. Looking to send foot. Hold this position for 5 breaths.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

3. To relax the shoulders
This position is ideal, if the headache is caused by tension in the shoulders. This is one of the most effective exercises, be sure to remember it.

- First, do the so-called "child's pose." Sit on a mat on the bent knees. Thumbs feet parallel, knees slightly apart. Take a short breath and exhale lean forward. Feel the stretch lower back and pull the spine. Stay in this position for a few breaths.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

- Join hands at the feet of a little pull hand, feel a slight stretch, and only then lift a hand clasped in the lock up. Lift as high as you can.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

- Inhale and move your weight forward, to raise this little hip. Lower clasped hands as low as possible to the floor.
- Stay well for 10 seconds, then lower your hips on your heels and again pause for 10 seconds.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

Make all at least five times since the child's posture.

4. "The opening of the heart"
All previous posture stretched back of the neck. Due to this position, you can "open" front neck muscles and straighten the chest. It also reduces tension in the back and buttocks. Pose energizes and harmony.

- Start with a "posture of the hero." Keep feet were connected and were parallel to each other. The back is smooth.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

- Lean back in the arms, hands should be at a distance of 15-25 cm from the feet.
- Lean on your hands and lift your chest as high as possible. Arches his back and thigh rest in the heel.
- To increase the stretch zaprokinte head back.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Return way: first lift your head, then lower chest and then return to the "attitude of the hero."

5. "Happy Child"
Total stretch and relax the spine, this will help a little funny pose. Special effects gets lower back.

- Lie on your back
- Bend your knees and keep hold of the bottom of the foot
- Slowly dilute knees and lower them to the level of the armpits.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

- Stay well for five deep breaths.
- Can poraskachivatsya slightly from side to side, if possible.

6. "The Wall"
This is one of the favorite exercises of restoration of many yogis, it can be done as long as you want and they usually complete the training. But the exercises require a wall, as well as pillow or blanket.

- Pillow (or folded blanket) lay close to the wall.
- Lie on your back, knees bent legs to put on the wall. Slide the wall so that the buttocks lay on the pillow, and put his feet on the wall vertically.
- Now, spread the legs as wide as possible, lean against the wall feet.

 Six yoga poses for headaches

Stay in this position for as long as you want. As soon as you feel tired or too strong stretching connect the legs up, feet moving on the wall. Then take a few steps along the wall down to the knees bent. Stay in this position for a minute, and only then either continue or end the exercise.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin