What is good yoga in a hammock?
 Located in "limbo" hardly anyone will like, unless it is a new kind of fitness yoga - yoga wind (aerial yoga), or otherwise - Yoga on the hammocks. The unique technique - in a special, durable canvas (hammock), securely attached to the ceiling in the form of swing. It allows you to lift the body off the floor and give a completely new experience during yoga.

Anti-gravity yoga - special physical conditions designed to improve physical fitness, agility and enhance visual appeal. This is an innovative technique of classical yoga organically united and free to float in the air a meter above the floor. This type of yoga consists of a complex acrobatic exercises on a special antigravity hammock.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Dance steps and postures

Aeroyoga was invented dancer Christopher Harrison, in order to increase flexibility and agility of the body. Initially it was designed exclusively to athletes and dancers. Over time, a complex exercise added elements of Pilates, calisthenics and some dancing, and then technique became available to everyone.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Yoga Christopher Harrison joined back in 1990, when he visited India. A former gymnast and dancer at the time, the time of his endless training strongly undermined his health, and realized that it will only restore yoga, dance steps but Christopher did not want to forget. And after 15 years, there was an amazing quintessence of classical yoga and artistic dance in the air. A new technique called anti-gravity yoga. It includes more than three thousand postures and yoga asanas.

Select your aeroyogu

Antigravity Yoga has three main areas: the proper aeroyoga, restorative and anti-gravity aeroyoga Pilates. The first of the techniques represents a fusion of strength and beauty air gymnastics with inner peace and harmony of traditional yoga. This provides not only a comprehensive and total body workout, but also calm the nervous system through meditation and Savasana.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Restorative aeroyoga - a gentle, deep stretching to normalize spinal function and rehabilitation after injuries. This method is well-coached by the spine, hip, and the connective tissues of the body. Restorative Yoga opens up opportunities for people with disabilities.

Antigravity Pilates includes classical and contemporary Pilates exercises properly and aeroyogi. It is also good training for the spine, and the formation of a handsome muscular form.

Hammock swings like

A feature of this method is a hammock - a strip of silk fabric, which acts as a support body or certain parts of it during class. Thanks to him, you can feel like a trapeze artist. It acts as a soft trapeze hammock or swing. Today, there are two types of hammocks: continuous web, without any tools, and a hammock, equipped with inserts, handles and even stirrups hand. Both the first and second embodiment often made from very strong synthetic fabric. They can withstand from 100 to 300 kg. Sometimes there are models of cotton, but, according to the manufacturer, they are very much losing the synthetics, which is not wiped over time, does not absorb sweat, does not collect dust, does not shrink in the wash, and not stretched.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Models equipped with auxiliary handles and stirrups help facilitate employment and significantly extend the capabilities of the practice. For convenience, hammocks provide soft inserts which reduce pressure on the body fabric.

The main advantages

In antigravity yoga has many advantages. Here are just a few of them:

- Strengthening of the upper and lower body;
- Relaxing and calming effect;
- Reducing the load on the spine, correcting its defects;
- The acquisition of muscle tone, improvement of stretch marks;
- A significant improvement in physical form after a few exercises;
- Activities in the immediate, playful way, without causing fatigue;
- The development of agility, balance and flexibility;
- Improving the stretch;
- It increases self-confidence and their own abilities;
- Getting rid of stress, neurosis and bad mood.

Is not suitable for all

Antigravity yoga need to be addressed solely on an empty stomach, because a set of exercises includes turning on a hammock on his stomach. Free, dress length will interfere, because it is easy to get confused, so experts recommend choosing to practice something tight, but at the same time comfortable. Untrained people are likely at first to suffer from pain in the muscles of the arms and legs, but eventually it will pass.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Yoga on the hammocks are not recommended for people with high blood pressure, malignant tumors, glaucoma and several other conditions, so before you sign up for a class, you must visit a doctor, and ideally a complete examination. However, due to the hammock, it is available even to people with disabilities.

 What is good yoga in a hammock?

Those who do not have contraindications to aeroyoge can only congratulate and wish to meet her as soon as possible - it's a technique able to give you a completely new, indescribable feeling of flight and weightlessness. But that does not harm their health and does not cause injury, to engage in such yoga is better with an experienced trainer.
Author: Albina Rogov