What we offer in the fight for a beautiful body?
 Every sport and fitness area are constantly struggling to increase the number of their fans, offering a new fashion trend. How not to get lost in the endless stream of information about the science of movements and rehabilitation? In order to choose exactly what you need, you need to constantly be aware of all the existing main trends in fitness and those that only recently came to know their key goal, "focus on the figure."

We will try to sort out the most common species, and a fitness training program offered by the sports clubs.

Fashionable and beautiful, not easy to learn and very useful direction of modern fitness, it is certainly Pilates . Pilates Exercise programs occupy one of the leading places on popularity and attendance. The uniqueness of the method is that it focuses on stretching and deep elaboration of the muscles and joints. It allows you to stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups, develop joint flexibility and elasticity of ligaments and power endurance, providing a soft impact on the body and at the same time strengthening it. The program is completely safe, as no shock to Pilates exercise. The objectives of his others - to strengthen the muscles without increasing the volume of muscles, develop flexibility, grace, plasticity, improve posture. Activity aimed at maintaining muscle tone, improve muscle balance and body control. Load low intensity. It recommended for all levels of preparedness.

For those who like to feel confident in themselves and their abilities, there is a wonderful lesson tai-bo - Aerobics with elements of the art of karate and kickboxing. It is not taught to attack, rather, is intended for self-defense.
First workout, then stretch. Then comes the main part of the workout - 10-15 minutes of intense exercise. Jumping, different strokes - of "pear" or arbitrarily. Smooth, slow movements help restore breathing. Strikes are carried out in slow motion, which helps them to learn the technique. And under a curtain - weight training, jumping, swinging press. It is interesting that in the end is always faster pace and increasing strain. Suffice it a couple of times to get to the point of exhaustion - and continue to learn to count their forces.

In drawing up the training schedule it is very important to consider a number of factors: age, level of fitness, the existing experience of sports and presence of disease. For example, beginners should not start their studies with high-intensity cardio and interval training, since the load on the body is excessive.

 What we offer in the fight for a beautiful body?

Body Sculpt - Strength class to train the muscles of the body. The load will be higher than the average and an average intensity using dumbbells or other weights in weight from about 2 to 6 kg. These exercises are easy to coordinate, develop strength endurance, strengthen and give a nice relief to your muscles.

 What we offer in the fight for a beautiful body?
 Do not be afraid, a huge increase in muscle size you will not happen, but beautiful terrain and the tone you definitely gain. Simple trainer bosu can be used on both sides: a hemisphere up or down. The exercises on an unstable surface is much more efficient than conventional power training, because doing this or that movement, you have to also keep a balance, Cycling small muscles stabilizers. To master bosu, no prior training is required. However, a simulator unusual, so start session for beginners is not easy. This exercise strengthens the vestibular apparatus, develops strength and agility, flexibility and coordination, improves posture. In addition, this machine is used in other types of fitness, such as Pilates.

Another training session with an unusual collection - it Fitball - A kind of aerobics with big ball. You perform exercises sitting on the ball, or leaning on him. At the same time you get a high enough load and superb wellness and firming effect.

Yoga - Proven for thousands of years the practice of personal development through physical improvement of body and inner harmony. Exercise helps to normalize psycho-emotional state, the development of strength and flexibility. This is - a practical philosophy, based on an understanding of our common humanity. Yoga develops strength, flexibility, endurance exercise capacity, increase the level of human energy, ie, you just start to feel good. It boosts immunity, improves metabolism. The person becomes more stable, gets rid of complexes, depending on the adverse external factors.

If you have chosen the right direction of fitness, which would like to work and develop, set the next goal, and have allocated time for weekly workouts, do not forget that you must still decide on the duration and frequency of sessions. The results of the survey have shown that the optimal frequency for beginners is to carry out 3-5 sessions per week.

 What we offer in the fight for a beautiful body?
 Step Aerobics . Exercises develop joint mobility, form arches, train balance and allow you to burn more calories. Step Aerobics beautifully enhances the shape, in particular forms of drumsticks, thighs and buttocks. Step aerobics is one of the fastest ways to make a waist But the main area will be coached all the same leg that will be slim and strong! Scientists have determined that hour session with step-platform equivalent to fast running at a distance of 20 km. These exercises contribute to the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, due to the constant rise in the step increases the load on leg muscles. The body uses the energy derived from the blood glucose and body fat stores.

Flex - Training, based on the method "Pilates", using the best of the achievements of such programs as: "Fitness Yoga", "Bodibalet", "Callanetics", "Strechching" etc. The main feature of Flex - a comprehensive work on the body. Exercise improves muscle tone, develops flexibility and coordination, improves posture. Instead of pumping separately back, press, leg, in the classroom Flex training the whole body at once. This technique causes the circulation of energy in the body and its accumulation.

And, of course, just can not ignore such a unique kind of training as water aerobics . Today, there are many women who suffer from varicose veins or inclination to the disease. People with similar problems is strictly prohibited all kinds of aggressive load. Under such a characterization of any modifications fall and land aerobics. But akvavariant not only contraindicated, but is very useful for weakened vessels. Low-impact exercises in class, but give the load is three times higher than on land - by overcoming the resistance of water. In addition, there is the effect of the whirlpool, which is useful for the skin and cellulite.

 What we offer in the fight for a beautiful body?

Water aerobics can work both beginners and sportsmen, as well as pregnant women, the elderly and those with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Occupation in the water has with nothing comparable health benefits, they are completely eliminated the negative impact stress on the joints and spine, as well as you get an excellent opportunity to relieve mental and physical stress.

The intensity of training - the most important factor in drawing up the fitness training. Correctly chosen intensity can arouse interest in continuing fitness to be one hundred percent guarantee that you will achieve the desired results. Therefore, the intensity of training should be selected so that at the end of training you feel the joy of committed physical work and accomplishment of the front of his body.

Sport system Callanetics allow a short time to achieve very significant results. A feature of these activities is a powerful static load on the muscles of the body. Taking the necessary position, you need to hold it for 60-100 seconds. Training takes place under the quiet, relaxing music, exercises are performed at a slow pace. Each exercise is designed so that at the same time working all the muscles of the body. Impact load on the spine is completely absent, there is no tension in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Training has a good health and firming effect. The basic postulate of Callanetics is engaged to constantly feel his body.

Lesson Body Vallet It incorporates elements of classical dance, but all use the movement exceptionally safe for the joints and muscles are useful for, as adapted for the fitness enthusiast. It should be noted that the Body Ballet and Ballet is not quite the same, or more precisely, not the same thing. Body-Ballet as well as ballet, uses classical choreography. This is where their similarities end. Classical dance, which is the basis for employment - a world of countless possibilities. This lesson has its own, very special energy, creating an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. Occupation will help you experience the beauty and lightness of your body, to acquire graceful posture and go through life with your head held high.

CIC (cardio - intensity - condition) - high intensity interval training using a rope. Hopping part can rotate both in the work force, and with elements of tai-bo. Train and develop overall strength endurance, strength and flexibility, agility and coordination. A significant disadvantage of this exercise can be considered high impact load on the spine and joints.

The selected type of training must exactly match your current needs. Not rational to change the shape of the muscles of the body with the help of aerobic exercise on the other hand, improve the cardiovascular system using power. It would be better and more efficient if the selected type of physical activity will be exactly fit your goals.

Cycle - Imitation of the group road race on a stationary bike. The participant will have the opportunity, together with the other participants to experience the real load road race. Cycling helps to lose weight in record time: power consumption up to 750 kcal per hour and there is no need for a grueling workout. Torsion of the pedals in the "hard - easy" quickly enough gives the thighs, buttocks and calves beautiful shape. Trains the cardiovascular system, the pressure comes back to normal. Classes on exercise bikes also recommend that women with an initial stage of varicose veins.

If you decide that you need to strengthen and increase muscle strength as well as muscle building volume, you should pay a look at the gym with weight machines and free weights. It is recommended in this case to use the services of a qualified instructor. It will be for you a training program will give the necessary advice on nutrition, exercise will teach the technique, as well as be able to provide adequate insurance at work with weights. Without professional assistance, you can easily make a mistake with the selection of exercises and weight and incorrect execution can be not only useless, but also traumatic.

Tidy himself quite real, everything is as always in your hands. By following these tips, you can easily choose the direction of fitness that meets your needs and goals.

Yes, beautiful figure - this is a titanic work to which the woman usually has neither the time nor the energy. But still, if something really want to achieve, you need to relentlessly try to, over and over again. And the result will not take long.
Author: Valentina Syrenkova