Lemonade Diet returns
 Peter Glickman, author of the so-called lemonade diet, lose weight at which at the time Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, is back in trend. Glickman has written a new book about the cleansing and weight loss, which made all turn again to the principles developed by Master Cleansing (Master Cleanse), also called as the famous nutritionist.

The second book is called Glickman "The Master Cleanse Coach" . This again is all about detox or cleansing. The author believes that the first wave of enthusiasm after his plan of cleansing and weight loss on the internet and in the press, a large number of free interpretation of the method too. This led Glickman again remind the basic rules of detox, as well as give new advice to all losing weight.

 Lemonade Diet returns

If you have not tried to detox, then surely you have heard about this popular hobby. He promises quick weight loss and skin radiance.

Why diet is sometimes called the "lemonade"? This diet involves Glickman 10-day course, during which must feed itself Frechet and teas . And its name from the diet had a basis on which to build cleansing - a homemade lemonade. And simply put, lemon water (water with fresh squeezed lemon juice or lemon slices with peel). Furthermore lemon water 10 days to be included in the diet and drinking cleansing products: such as cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water. In addition to this - laxative teas and salt water in the morning (per liter of water 2 tablespoons of sea salt).

The main limitation for a 10-day detox - no solid food. And despite such stringent rules, Dr. Glickman promises that every new day diet you will feel better and more energetic.

Inventor of the lemonade cleanse is certainly not Glickman. In the 1940s there was a diet Klinsi   (from Eng. cleance - cleansing), it was later described by Stanley Burroughs in 1976, and Peter Glickman formulated the principles of his plan for weight loss only in 2004, when he published his first book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days"   (Lose weight, recharge your batteries and be happier in 10 days). Since then, the lemonade diet is becoming popular in Hollywood, and in 2006, the year was marked by a real boom from the Master Cleansing Diet. Glickman himself says that his electronic program with a description of the food plan for the iPhone were purchased in 52 countries.

 Lemonade Diet returns

Lemonade Diet

Other names this diet - Master Cleanser Diet to maple syrup, lemonade cleansing lemon diet, Beyonce diet (she was almost instantly lost weight on this diet for the role in the movie Dreamgirls). The main purpose of the diet - cleansing, even though many of its followers (Beyonce, Robin Kivers, Demi Moore) is significantly lost weight.

 Lemonade Diet returns

Cleansing (or detox, detoxification) - removal from the body of any toxins (poisons). This can be brought about in the organism poisons (such as arsenic, chemicals that cause cancer), and may be a substance contained in the body (waste which have not been removed by the body, if not eliminated - they cause various diseases, such as gout) . The toxins do not kill, but their presence leads not only to disease but makes a person tired, sluggish, constantly exposed to stress.

Why do people following cleansing diet, lose weight? The fact that most toxins are retained in the body due to fat cells. The conclusion from these toxins, you can not help get rid of excess fat, and as a result of excess weight.

There misinterpretation lemonade diet, when they say that as the liquid is used only lemon water. In addition to the lemonade you can drink other beverages, eliminates toxins:
- A cup of herbal tea laxative every night and in the morning.
- Salt water in the morning and evening, she washes the digestive organs and eliminates phlegm.

 Lemonade Diet returns

It is wrong options when added to smoothies protein powder or gelatin. This is inaccurate reading this Glikmanovskogo detox. After all, the main principle of purification - a 10-day vacation for the whole digestive system.

When finishing a diet? This question Glickman defined quite clearly, after 10 days. However, in his second book gives new recommendations. Some of his patients used to a diet of 45 days. But understand that you clean thoroughly, you will simple sign - fur. If it does not, it tells of a successful purification.

Exiting the lemonade diet

It is important to go slowly - said Peter Glickman. Perhaps the first few hours will be discomfort - nausea and even pain. But this can be avoided. Doctor advises probiotics. They contain good bacteria that produce some vitamins. In the process of purification of vitamins can leach out of the body, so the urgent need to restore their balance sheets. Products with probiotics is easy to return to the usual diet.
Author: Julia Shestakova