Underwater cycling fitness, or why water bike?
 Probably, there is little doubt in the use of water treatment, cycling to maintain good form. So why not combine these activities and not try akvabayking - one of the most popular destinations of European fitness clubs?

In Russia akvabayking better known as an extreme sport. But in Europe since become even dignify one of the trendy types of fitness, which was invented in Italy for health, rehabilitation and sports training. He is now rapidly gaining popularity in France, Germany, Belgium, gradually mastering and our open spaces.

 Underwater cycling fitness, or why water bike?

Good for All

In akvabaykinge harmoniously combines elements of aqua aerobics and cycling. The essence of training is simple: a person who is up to his chest in water, pedaling an exercise bike, a special room in the pool. Due to water resistance, increasing muscle strain intensively working on burning calories. Those who feel insecure and afraid in the water to swim, can safely get behind the wheel of the underwater bicycle. Security akvabaykinga ensures a stable position of the simulator and close supervision of an experienced coach.

Akvabayking suitable for people with any level of fitness. For him, there is practically no contraindications. With him, even lazy, avoid long workouts in the gym, can achieve great results. It is ideal for water sports enthusiasts and for those who due to weather conditions to postpone the daily cycling. Akvabayking good in any weather and time of year. With him are not afraid to wet hair and the common cold.

 Underwater cycling fitness, or why water bike?

Hostile to cellulite

Combining the benefits of cycling and drainage massage, akvabayking helps to remove stubborn orange peel and remove unwanted fat in a relatively short period of time. Due waterproof pedals, which depends on the work for their intensity and speed results appear sooner than when driving on a normal bike.

Without pain and large power costs significantly stronger muscles of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks - one of the most problematic areas for women. In the process of training the trainers are advised to use different body positions (standing on the pedals, in the slope), reverse rotation, increase or decrease speed, etc., That allows the muscles to work better, improving the different parts of the body. In this water pressure acts on the skin as the drain, making it smooth and supple.

Another advantage akvabaykinga: warm water is not felt that protects the body from heat stress, which can be obtained quickly in the classroom in the gym. This increases during exercise, and thus burn more calories (about 500Kl for thirty minutes!).

 Underwater cycling fitness, or why water bike?

Useful for vascular and spine

Akvabayking often recommended for pregnant women and older women who want to stay in shape, regardless of the state of health and age. This activity allows you to relieve back pain caused by the weight of a child or a disease of the spine. After birth, riding a stationary bicycle submerged helps you quickly find the old form, and body weight.

Akvabayking - one of the traumatic kinds of fitness: at the expense of weightless ease of movement under the water harm the joints is difficult. And this kind of physical culture is useful even for those who suffer from osteoporosis. During the lessons reinforced venous and lymphatic system, which is an excellent prevention of varicose veins. Regular exercise on an underwater bike well improve heart function, increase his endurance and protect against cardiovascular disease.

Through a simple and useful lessons akvabayking gaining more and more fans around the world. Try it and you!
Author: Albina Rogov