Yoga for beginners and doubters
 You have decided to start doing yoga? For many around the good and inspiring heard about these classes. Yoga engaged star, model, their example is very contagious, because they are so luxurious look. What you need to know to choose the exercises and start practicing?

1. Selection of the practice.   Autumn - a good time to start a new kind of workout. Select yoga, because classes are held in the hall and do not depend on weather conditions. However, many who have tried yoga, saying that they were not impressed with the first lesson. We have to admit that the choice of class and the teacher - is not easy.

Experts say that should not come in a yoga class and try a few practices and focus on that which you enjoy. For many types of yoga, and not everyone is right for you.

Below - a short list of what variety you can expect when you come to the Center for Yoga or fitness center.

 Yoga for beginners and doubters

As you can see, a large variety. And you can only decide after walking to class. For example, I have a very "hook" at the time the class of Bikram. It is quite a lesson in a warm room. It is much warmer than other types of yoga. When Bikram class in the set temperature of about 40 degrees. It is therefore important to consume water before and during sessions to avoid dehydration. In the class of Bikram people pretty good sweat, which is probably why they like these lessons, they are seeing results.

The Ashtanga Yoga classes are also run by those who love the intense training. And I liked that Ashtanga. In classes not as hot as in Bikram, but the heat - from 26 to 32 degrees. Some instructors are forbidden to drink water during class, so make sure to drink plenty of fluids the day before class. Because in intensive yoga lost a lot of fluid. Do not be surprised if the instructor will come to you and help make exercise correctly, you sit on, or starts to strongly pull. But if you do not like, then you need to find a different kind of yoga.

2. Buy a good mat.   Shopping for new employment can be a good incentive to start. After all, we love new things. And one of the first purchases should be - yoga mat. You will need it, and if you decide to start with the lessons at home on DVD-complexes. A good mat will make your individual sessions safe, hygienic, more comfortable.

 Yoga for beginners and doubters

Prepare to be a good rug is not cheap. The industry of sports equipment, of course, does not sleep, and responds to the popularity of yoga. Therefore, prices on mats in specialized stores reach 2-3 thousand rubles and more. For example, there is a mat made of eco-friendly PVC, with a lifetime warranty, and it costs more than $ 100 (this is the mat from Manduka). A more economical options - from rubber or latex, polyurethane-coated rubber. Good mat processed antimicrobial coating to prevent mold and mildew.

Mats Russian production are also good, such as the usual tourist mats. They should not be less than 5 mm thick. And be sure on the one hand have a ribbed surface, so they did not move, and you are not injured during exercise.
 Yoga for beginners and doubters

3. Etiquette classes.   You have to be accustomed to the behavior of those who have long been practicing in the classroom. Here are the simple rules that I learned during yoga:

- Do not be late. Some classes are not taken to start up late for class. So, you can go without training.

- Turn off the mobile phone or set it to "no call".

- Do not be afraid to ask the coach further explanation of poses and exercises directly in the classroom because of the correctness of the result depends on the workout. But ask for help from a coach, and not from the neighbors by occupation - they are the same students like you.

- Yoga is performed in rooms with closed doors, because the temperature in the room should be constant. Therefore, always close the door, input and output, that you show respect.

- Not talking with neighbors about abstract topics, yoga classes are conducted in complete silence. But in the dressing room and can poschebetat with new friends.

- Do not come to class in transparent clothes or no clothes. It is better to buy quality leggings for yoga. In fact, many times the stars were seen by paparazzi wearing pants for yoga during shopping. Good yoga leggings are long.

 Yoga for beginners and doubters

- Do not eat for 2 hours before training, limit caffeinated drinks before class to avoid large losses of fluid.

4. Without injuries.   Regular yoga helps develop body flexibility, but you still need to know the limits of their muscles. Too much to overcome its features can lead to injuries, as well as any sport. If you feel uncomfortable with some exercise, and even more pain, you should not rely on the coach, he may not be aware of your individual capabilities and past injuries. If pain is necessary to stop the exercise, it is a serious sign from your body.

Simple tips on how to avoid injuries in the first days of lessons:

- Do not compare yourself with the other member of the group. Some of them are quite a few years, and some may have previously engaged in professional sports.

- Do not compare yourself with the same. The fact that our organism at different times has a high capacity. That was easy to do yesterday, today, do not necessarily succeed. Focus only on what you are feeling today.

- Do not force yourself to force the issue. Movement should be a joy.

- Move slowly.

- Learn how to use props to help themselves change poses to straining muscles. This mats, bolsters, straps.

- Take a towel to class. If you are very propoteete, then wipe the mat itself, to avoid injury, slipped.

- Do not be afraid to ask for help from the instructor.

- If you sweat heavily in the classroom, then wear long pants or leggings to wear and do not absorb sweat drenched mat on such a mat can be slippery.
Author: Julia Shestakova