8 ways to immediately begin to lose weight
 When you are trying to lose weight - not a question, do you progress in this case or not, but whether he will come. The lack of visible progress - like bad weather on a long tour: you know it will come to a result, but the realization that it does not occur, make you frustrated and irritated when it happens. Cheer up! Since the lack of progress as a familiar thing like rain, we'll show you a few ways to deal with it. At least one of the following methods should help you to overcome the black bar and then begin to lose excess flab.

1. watchman calories
Calories are very insidious, while you do not really behind them and follow. Be honest with them directly: how much you eat? Using a food diary - a great way to control it. Moreover, soda and alcoholic beverages are no exception!

2. Change the system
If you do not achieve results in the training - you change it. Try the same thing with your eating plan. If you sit on a low-carb diet, then a few days you can increase your intake of carbohydrates, and then switch to the Atkins diet or the South Coast (South Beach). Changes in caloric intake can have a positive effect if you consume an average of 1,500 calories daily - try to reduce them to 1200, rising to 2000 and then go back to 1500. Here's a new idea. You feel comfortable - so it's time to try!

3. Apply the temporary ban
Sensitivity to foods can cause weight loss, but the saddest thing is that most of you do not always know which foods are "criminals". The earliest in the "suspects" are cereals (especially wheat) and milk sugar products. Temporarily banned for all three product groups and see what happens.

4. Make the correct workout
High intensity intervals - from 30 to 60 seconds - is the wave of the future. If you are used to deal with cardiovascular equipment with an average intensity - try for a minute to run at full capacity, then align your breath and repeat. Have you ever seen a sprinter with sagging sides? Training like a sprint, help you lose fat faster than any other technique that I know of, plus it will increase your metabolism and reduce weight.

5. Strength training
If you did not try weight training - do it. And if you tried - Increase the intensity. Muscles - your greatest ally in the fight against excess weight. Unfortunately, many women with weight train that is not enough to accelerate the metabolism. However, heavy objects of sporting equipment you need to be careful. They must be sufficiently weighty, but were able to perform 8 - 12 repetitions.

6. Increase your protein intake
Studies have shown that a diet means more protein intake helps to lose weight faster. Protein increases metabolism and increases the saturation, increasing the likelihood that you will not overeat. The protein diet is recommended when you have a long time can not move the weight forward.

7. Try detoxification
Uncontrolled starvation - a really bad idea, but the idea of ​​a holiday of your digestive system makes sense. Try "drastic starvation": nothing to eat except fruits and vegetables for two days. It is always useful to add fiber, and a large amount of nutrients and phytochemicals - like a "spring cleaning" for your metabolism.

8. Keep records
Other things, in addition to diet and exercise, can lead to slow weight loss, for example, stress, lack of sleep or medications. Look what else is happening around you, what would be worth to pay attention. When you begin to solve a problem in one area of ​​your life, others - ride.