Deadly desire to lose weight
 Bulimia and anorexia called the disease of the XXI century. According to the complexity of the treatment, it is second only to drug abuse. Unfortunately, in our country it does not recognize immediately. Not surprisingly, these patients are treated for gastritis, stomach ulcers, migraine. Years pass before you manage to identify the real cause of the disease. For most it is too late.

Very often, oddly enough, with a diagnosis of "anorexia" and "bulimia" in a psychiatric clinic boys and girls fall during Lent. As explained by psychiatrists, often young people, trying to combine a passion for religion and the desire to lose weight, abusing the strict fasting. Not psychologically prepared to withstand the test restriction in food, young people are unable to suppress the instinct of food, break down, begin to overeat and then rush to the other extreme - punish themselves even more strict fasting. But again, it can not stand. And everything is repeated in a circle.

The vast territory of the city psychiatric hospital surrounded by a high concrete fence. Next - a park. We go into one of the buildings. On the left side of the long corridor located chamber without doors. In one of them being treated the patients with bulimia and anorexia. The room is designed for thirteen people. Girls gives me indifferent gaze. Under Track suits and bathrobes ugly thinness patients imperceptible. The only thing that can give these patients - ankle volume of a few centimeters, and even more narrow wrist. On the neck of each prozhilochki visible on the face - very prominent cheekbones, sunken cheeks and dark brown circles under the eyes leave the gloomy impression. It feels like looking in real life documentary chronicling the concentration camp prisoners.   Only it takes it all in time of peace, very close to us.

Each of these patients, a history which has led them to this state.   Says former patient clinic Alina:

- All my life I was engaged in professional dancing .  When the money was not enough, he went to Greece to work in a nightclub stripper .  Once one of the girls told me that I was too fat for such dancing .  I weighed 65 kg with height 175 cm .  Once I heard that in order to lose weight, it is necessary after every meal induce vomiting .  I tried several times - the effect was stunning! Since then, I began to do this every day .  The first six months had cause nausea with the fingers .  Then I had to do was to press on the diaphragm or just bend down to "process" gone .  So I lost 14 kilos .  When the weight reached 45 kilograms, I was not able to stay on the scene for more than five minutes - are beginning shortness of breath and pain in the legs .  Every day I say to myself: "Everything is for the last time, stop tomorrow" .  But she could not stop .  For half an hour, I ate a pot of soup, ten hamburgers, drink two liters of water and immediately ran to the bathroom cause nausea .  Hunger was lost by only one and a half hours .  My stomach could be stretched to incredible size, and then decrease sharply .  Gradually, the food is no longer absorbed in the body .  I'm sick of one drop of water .  Then I turned to the doctor ...

So Alina came in a psychiatric hospital, where she was treated with powerful psychotropic drugs. After discharge, she went to Italy with her husband, where she continued treatment. In Italy, this treatment costs about forty dollars a day. In America, the three-month stay in the hospital costs of such patients is 50 000 dollars.

The disease is "anorexia" and "bulimia" appeared in the late XIX century.   In the Soviet Union the first case was recorded in 1952. Then the problem became engaged in the Moscow People's Friendship University in the department of psychology. Over the years, the department staff were surveyed about 2,500 people from different cities of the former Soviet Union. Girls suffer from anorexia more often men. Especially scary is what causes the disease more social than personal. Impose on the TV and fashion magazines cult models, many of which, incidentally, is much more lean than admit the physiological norm, forcing young ladies go to inhuman flour to get closer to their idols. The line between thin and emaciated figure is too thin, it is easy to go, but the back is almost impossible - the mind breaks down and starvation people sit down in the same way as alcohol or drugs.

According to official statistics, from 3 to 20 percent of patients with anorexia nervosa are doomed. Cause of death - pneumonia, lung edema, tuberculosis or other infections. In the West, without the necessary compulsory treatment is killed every six patients. How many patients with bulimia and anorexia are killed every year in our country, not known for certain ...
Author: Natalia Biatova