Exercise and diet for bikini season
 Soon a vacation, or maybe just to the country or the city beach. And have put on a swimsuit. And so you want to look sexy, toned and confident. So you can try a few exercises that will make you just the way you would like.

By the way the proposed complex will not take long, and it's easy to carry both at home and at play, as special tools are required. We will work through the muscles of the back, hips, and press.

Exercise 1.   Lie on your stomach hand stretch before him, palms facing down, legs straight, and keep them together. Raise your arms and legs a few centimeters, but not to limit your options. Then raise your right arm and left leg is still a little higher, this time to the utmost of your ability. Then change the arm and leg. It is time. 10. Total do need to have to do the exercises in a cheerful pace. And watch to the chest and head were raised.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Exercise 2.   Take a pose "dog with his head down." Just keep your legs straight and lift your heels off the floor. On the inhale begin to lower the hips to the floor, to the extent that as you lower legs, lift the chest and slightly arch your back. Then return to the starting position. Take 3 - 4 times.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Exercise 3.   Take the emphasis lying under his left arm, place a rolled towel. It is better to take it because the hand will not slip. And do good, quality push-ups in the amount of 5 - 6 times. If at first it will be difficult, then put his feet on his lap.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Exercise 4.   Lie on the floor, bend your knees and hold the towel in between. Arms extended along the body. As you inhale, lift your pelvis, so that the blades of the knees to get a straight line. Make 8 - 12 repetitions.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Exercise 5.   Lie on the floor, legs and arms are placed in the side so that the body resembles the letter "X". On the inhale lift your hands, head and feet on the floor and slightly raise them. Exhale. Inhale and stretch your right hand to the left foot, and then lower the leg and arm, but did not touch the floor. Repeat for the other side. It will be again. You need to do 8 - 12 repetitions. Movements should be slow.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Exercise 6.   Lie on the floor on his stomach, arms are placed in the side at shoulder level. Raise your left leg and bend the knee at 90 degrees, then lower it to the right side by an elongated leg and foot touch the floor near the left foot of his right hand. Take 3 breaths and inhale and return to starting position. It is time. Then change legs. Make 8 - 12 times for each leg.

 Exercise and diet for bikini season

Always warm up before the start of training and finally stretched. Do not pursue quantity, perform all the exercises efficiently and thoughtfully.


Exercise without dieting become less effective. You can choose any diet or eating plan that you choose. We want to offer a few ideas of healthy snacks that worked perfectly in the hottest days on vacation, at work, etc.

Almonds and walnuts.   To help cope with attacks hunger and improve skin condition. Enough to eat a handful of nuts.

Yogurt.   It is advisable to buy the classic plain yogurt and have ourselves to add nuts, berries, etc.

Watermelon and strawberries . Also other fruits with high water content. They will help to cope with bouts, when I want to eat something sweet.

Jelly.   An excellent alternative to the more high-calorie desserts.

Oatmeal.   Even if you find it boring. You can add milk, kefir, yogurt, make a cocktail and so on.

Do not be lazy, and you're ready for the beach season.
Author: Vera Karabutova