Modeling cosmetics and slim figure
 Ahead of the summer, and all women, of all ages want to be slim and fit. Of course, the basic rules were and are: proper nutrition, sufficient exercise and lack of stress. But there is one assistant - modeling cosmetics. How does it work? Read expert commentary NIVEA, MD, dermatologist Irina Zhukova.

Local fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, as well as reducing the elasticity of the skin - problems that are familiar to almost all women. However, despite the fact that the issue is extremely urgent correction, not all versed in the nuances of it.

In fact, if you face the task of bringing the body in order, slimming formula   It should look like this: exercise + food + correct use of cosmetics for the correction.

In addition, if you are struggling with cellulite, it is necessary to use gels and creams that contribute to the destruction of body fat by increasing microcirculation in tissues, for example, you can use tools on the basis of L-carnitine. But if your problem - a couple of weeks without any problems to fasten the zipper on your favorite dress - you'll need Special modeling cosmetics .

 Modeling cosmetics and slim figure
   In particular, the formula modeling cream-gel "My Silhouette" from NIVEA Body includes Bio-Slim Complex with natural ingredients - extract of anise and white tea. Anise extract reduces fat accumulation and prevent their further appearance, and white tea activates metabolic processes in the cells that produce collagen and strengthens the connective tissue, so the skin is quickly becoming more elastic. Studies have confirmed that the first results of the use of funds become visible in a couple of weeks of its regular use, and after 4 weeks the volume of the body is reduced to -3 centimeters.

Keep in mind a few simple guidelines that will help enhance the action of modeling cosmetics   and to achieve the desired effect.

• A couple of times a week to do the peeling problem areas: the procedure remove dead, whereby the active substance is a cream-gel has access to deeper layers of the skin.

• Correction can be applied under the compression garment before exercise or do with it wraps (applied to the skin, shrink-wrapped roll up and a warm scarf, duration of the procedure should be 30-40 minutes).

• In addition, the intensity of the action of the cream-gel increase if its use after going to shower, sauna or bath.